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NBC reveals 'secret under pope's famous hat'

"Saturday Night Live" anchor Seth Meyers jokes about what it looked like when Pope Benedict removed his mitre.

With no pope currently leading the Catholic Church as of this week, NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” wasted little time mocking Pope Benedict, who became the first pontiff to resign his position in 600 years.

During the program’s “Weekend Update,” which usually parodies real items in the news, anchorman Seth Meyers said: “Pope Benedict officially resigned on Thursday after eight years as pontiff, revealing an incredible case of ‘hat hair.'”

A photograph was displayed over Meyers’ shoulder, featuring a Photoshopped image of Benedict, with his snow-white hair sticking straight up in the shape of his mitre.

“That’s going to take a while to come down,” Meyers clowned.

A video clip from the broadcast can be seen below: