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Teachers train to shoot guns

(SALISBURY POST) — SALISBURY, N.C. — The Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut left an imprint on the minds of many.

The December shootings prompted renewed gun control debate. North Carolina legislators proposed an expansion on state laws that would put firearms in the hands of teachers. These teachers would need training to protect students from a violent intruder.

Local firearms instructors offered free courses this weekend at the Rowan County Wildlife Association to prepare teachers if the bill is passed and teachers are allowed to have guns in classrooms. The course is the first step in obtaining a concealed carry permit. Students who participated in Saturday’s class received certification and afterward can pursue the permit process. Another class will be held March 9 at the Rowan County Wildlife Association, 650 Majolica Road in Salisbury. Four instructors led the class — Claude Paris, Steve Karriker, Gary Steeley and his wife, Michelle. The class included gun safety, laws and target shooting.