“We don’t have an immediate crisis in terms of debt.…”

– Barack Obama, March 12, 2013

When Nancy Pelosi told America in 2010 that Congress would have to pass the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) so that they could see what was in it, I came to the conclusion that the former House speaker was either a complete mental defective, or she thought that the American people were. Here … sign this. Don’t read it; sign it, then you’ll find out what you’ve committed to.

As dim as Pelosi may be, I don’t think that she is non compos mentis, so that leaves the latter assessment.

Obviously, this low opinion of the American people is not unique to Nancy Pelosi. On March 12, ABC News aired another obsequious Obama promo featuring the ever-effete George Stephanopoulos; this was apparently calculated to unequivocally convey to America the White House position with regard to ongoing budget struggles between Obama and the GOP leadership. In addition to the usual effluvia of outright lies (such as the government having already cut over $2.5 trillion out of the deficit), Obama said that America does not have an “immediate crisis in terms of debt,” a claim so preposterous that it almost defies argument.

As we march toward socialism – a march whose pace has increased exponentially since 2008 – the sense of outrage on the part of informed Americans has also increased. As this transpires, the despicable nature of progressive politicians and their minions becomes more and more apparent. The propaganda stops are open all the way, and there is apparently no claim too outrageous or unbelievable for the left to refrain from in attempt to get Americans to believe it.

The ongoing high-profile battle over firearms laws in the state of Colorado is a salient object lesson in the despotism and thuggery taking place in American politics, but it is also a wonderful example of how abject and profound falsehoods are being represented by the left in order to influence policy. For example, during the hearings in the Colorado legislature on several proposals (which were later passed), statistics supporting Second Amendment positions and the ineffectuality of gun control were summarily denied in favor of emotionalism, irrelevance and theoretical examples.

In the broader picture, it has been well-established that the press misrepresented the firearms used by Adam Lanza in the Sandy Hook massacre to gin up favor for bans on military weapons and high-capacity magazines. Yet, at water coolers around the nation, people are arguing that most Americans want a high-capacity magazine ban, most Americans want the wealthy to pay more in taxes and that extending unemployment benefits stimulates the economy because Obama, Pelosi, or some other high-level liberal wonk has said so. These statements are wholly erroneous, but they have nonetheless become conventional wisdom.

But inconsistency isn’t a problem if one is never called on their inconsistencies. In the spirit of that statement, I offer rap mogul Russell Simmons, who has has repeatedly demonstrated himself to be so abysmally ignorant it leads one to wonder how he possibly could have achieved what he has in life. This week, he not only stepped in it, but stepped, slipped and fell in it when he published a column (if one could call it that) excoriating the National Rifle Association for its attempt to appeal to black Americans.

In his rant, Simmons (who has a reported net worth of $340 million, but supported the Occupy movement) misrepresented the NRA, its history and motives, and the motives of Second Amendment advocates as being racially insensitive, if not outright racist. His boilerplate liberal premises and his xenophobic arguments were 180 degrees from the truth pertaining to the NRA’s renewed efforts against gun control, and ignored the plight of black Americans, the group most victimized by liberal gun-control laws. On Tuesday, 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, a Chicago girl who was shot five times while her father was changing her diaper on their minivan seat the day before, died of her wounds. Her father, Jonathan Watkins, was unarmed at the time of the shooting. Simmons didn’t bring this up; I’m sure it was an oversight.

This example, as well as that of Colorado and many others, underscores the fact that progressive politicians care nothing whatsoever for the issues about which they bleat endlessly (such as public safety and jobs, to name but two) and upon which they hang their self-proclaimed moral superiority. Their objective has been and always will be that of driving an agenda of control.

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