The real abusers of white privilege

By Mychal Massie

Many of my readers forwarded an article to me titled “Wisconsin Department of Education: Whites are Born Racist and Privileged,” written by Philip Hodges. (; March 14, 2013)

The article warns that parents who have children in the Wisconsin public school system should be particularly attentive to what VISTA (Volunteers In Service To America) is teaching them.

Hodges explains, “VISTA is an operation under AmeriCorps that is being used by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.”

Hodges indicates that VISTA is being used in “Wisconsin public schools to indoctrinate [children] about their inherent ‘privileges’ if they happen to be white, male, straight or all of the above.”

One of VISTA’s recommendations is for white children to “unlearn” the social evils they were born into by wearing white wristbands as a reminder of their privilege. He writes that VISTA suggests that children also consider “putting a note on [their] mirror or computer to think about privilege.”

To say that I have issues with such indoctrination would be a gross understatement. That said, every American should be outraged at the very thought of such teachings. However, said mindset is not new. I can vividly recall this divisive language being advocated in the 1970s. I argued against such condemnable rhetoric then, and I do so now even more fiercely, albeit from a different perspective.

Today I am prepared to argue that white privilege does indeed exist. I and other conservatives of color encounter it on a near daily basis. But it is a much more insidious and damnable form of white privilege that goes unaddressed and is denied the moment conservatives of color (myself included) make mention of it.

White privilege today is exercised with cruel, censorial efficiency by white liberals who are in positions to control the flow of news and public school curricula.

White liberals covering the news are elated to run stories that paint whites as monstrous and abusive. Consider the number of and nature of the stories and commentaries written that depict George Zimmerman as nothing short of a conniving monster who murdered Trayvon Martin in cold blood. They even invented a new racial identifier. Zimmerman was and is identified as a “White Hispanic.”

But as I pointed out in the on-air interviews I did discussing the incident, there was no such 24/7 coverage on these same news networks and newspapers pursuant to the 12-year-old New Hampshire schoolgirl who was savagely beaten by two black refugee classmates because she refused to be the girlfriend of one of the boys. There was no such coverage of the St. Louis schoolboy who was attacked by two black classmates on the doorsteps of his home and doused with gasoline. There was no around-the-clock coverage by the mainstream media when Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom (a white couple) were kidnapped leaving a restaurant and later raped, tortured and murdered (by five black hoodlums).

I call that the privilege of white liberals in positions to control the news.

There are countless conservatives of color who are stellar essayists. How many do you see on the editorial pages of your newspapers? White liberals who are newspaper managing editors refuse to run opinion pieces by them because they personally resent a black man or woman for daring not to subscribe to the attitudes and opinions of those like Al Sharpton and Clarence Page.

Major networks and cable channels run by white liberals engage in duplicitous racial double standards, allowing black race-mongers to come on their programming and direct vulgar racial epithets at conservative white guests with impunity.

I’ve personally done on-air interviews during which the white liberal hosts have sat passively by as I’ve been called vile racial epithets by black race-mongers – fully knowing they would never tolerate even the hint of such impropriety if the offending guest were white and insulting a black race-monger.

As I said, white privilege does exist, but not as VISTA and the media would have us believe. It exists in the context that white liberals routinely engage in the censorship of conservative black opinion. It exists in the dissemination of news that shows blacks in a bad light.

Tangentially, I would support the idea that children be taught about privilege. I would say they should be taught that it is an abuse of privilege to present news in a way that vilifies one group while absolving another. I would also teach that it is not only an abuse of privilege but, an abrogation of responsibility to sit idly by fully cognizant that same is taking place.

I advocate having the children wear white wristbands to remind themselves that the white privilege liberals are guilty of damning all society to the plantation of low-information and biased misinformation.

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