The rise of America’s Gestapo

By Erik Rush

On March 4, despite hundreds of Coloradans flooding the State Capitol in Denver and honking horns on the streets that encircle the building all day long, and the presence of 25 county sheriffs opposed to seven Democratic gun-control proposals, the measures all passed the Colorado House along party-line votes. Democrats currently control both houses of the Colorado legislature, as well as the governor’s office. Legislators’ testimony during the hearings was replete with smug, ignorant sanctimony, blithering idiocy and outright lies.

The Democrat members of the Colorado legislature have shown themselves to be enemies of the Constitution of the United States of America and the people of the state of Colorado. What occurred in Colorado on that day was nothing short of a disgusting outrage and a chilling precursor of things to come.

Two factors regarding this development are particularly distressing. The first is the revelation that the Colorado legislature is lousy with knee-jerk dullards who operate at the level of those who suspend grade-school children from school for possessing napkins and toaster pastries that bear rudimentary resemblance to firearms. As has become clear in recent weeks, many are themselves from the ranks of low-information voters with scant knowledge of the Constitution, or progressive zealots who seek to abolish same.

The second factor is the influence of President Barack Hussein Obama writ large on the whole affair. As we know, Vice President Biden personally leaned on Colorado legislators last month in an effort to tip the national conversation on gun rights in progressives’ favor. Thus, with sanction from the White House itself, these legislators forged ahead with what they wanted – not what was legal or popular – in typical autocratic progressive fashion.

Colorado voters are now anxiously wondering what the position of their chief public executive, John Hickenlooper, will be. Considering the Democratic governor once called Obama a “rock star,” I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for his doing the right thing.

When I escaped New York for Colorado years ago, I certainly did not expect it to become ground zero for the assault on the Second Amendment, and the idea that the state in which I live is essentially being ruled from afar by a radical Marxist is quite worrisome. If the people of Colorado, a state with a tradition of rugged individualism and liberty, do not rebound fiercely as a result of this obscenity, then the state will indeed become California (a long-held fear of many natives and transplants alike) in very short order.

The stark difference between what Colorado was and what it is rapidly becoming is easier to see here than other states, since Colorado’s heritage and history more resemble that of Texas than New York or California. Given that, I pray it has become clear to Coloradans that they must now undertake a wholesale eradication of progressive policy from the governance of their state.

It is no secret among conservatives that for the last several years, Colorado has been a chief target of one high-profile progressive billionaire and former Nazi collaborator (George Soros) through his various radical astroturf political organizations. With this aid, and through the aforementioned methods, the White House effectively subverted Colorado’s legislative processes and is ruling by proxy, while maintaining the illusion of legitimate due process.

What concerns me most about the developments in Colorado and other states vis-à-vis firearms laws is that this progression has brought us that much closer to law-enforcement officials showing up at citizens’ homes and demanding their guns. Raised in the same environment as the rest of us, many peace officers won’t realize that they are operating well outside of the law.

And that’s when things will have the potential to get really ugly.

On Jan. 6, 2013, Nathan Haddad, a former Army staff sergeant and decorated combat veteran, was selling some gun magazines when he was arrested for violating a new New York state law prohibiting possession of magazines that hold more than 10 rounds. Haddad was charged with five felonies.

The officers who arrested Haddad, and those prosecuting him have shown themselves to be enemies of the Constitution and the people of the United States of America. Officials who enforce immoral laws are no better than Hitler’s Gestapo. Where, pray tell, do they plan to draw the line at what unlawful decrees they will and will not uphold?

Very soon, we are likely to hear of an individual who, upon being contacted by law enforcement, winds up in a firefight with them over their enforcement of newly implemented gun-control measures. Law-enforcement officers may be wounded or killed, as might our citizen. If arrested, he or she will be a political prisoner. This will be the final nail in the coffin for legal firearms ownership in America, as the government and the press will capitalize upon this event (and perhaps similar others) to prove once and for all that all gun owners are potential psycho cop killers.

Why does the government (and the Obama administration in particular) want Americans’ firearms? Because they know that they are already guilty of prosecutable crimes and are planning many more. They know that they represent precisely why America’s founders put the Second Amendment in the Constitution in the first place, and that they already merit being removed by force of arms. They simply want to disarm Americans before a preponderance of us come to that realization and respond accordingly.

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