The Tunisian man arrested this week on charges of plotting to derail a Canadian train posted all the chilling details of the inner workings of  al-Qaida on his Facebook page – including numerous links to other notorious terror groups.

Chiheb Esseghaier’s Facebook page was captured by Walid Shoebat, a Palestinian former Muslim who converted to Christianity, just moments before it was deleted.

Chiheb Esseghaier's Facebook page just moments before it was deleted. (Screen capture by Walid Shoebat)

“At the top is a detailed flowchart on al-Qaida’s plans, command and control, and methodology – from leadership to cell creation,” Shoebat explained on his website. “His favorites include several links to some of the most notorious terror groups including a Facebook dedicated for the famed Abu Mus’ab Zarkawi. On that Facebook page, it gives a glimpse of the al-Qaida recruitment in the Levant (Syria).

“Esseghaier’s favorite Muslim preacher is Yaser al-Dawsari, who linked to another Facebook page under that name; it too was scrubbed minutes after our discovery.”

Shoebat explained that Al-Dawsari is an imam who works for the Saudi government and is related to Khalid al-Dawsari – an al-Qaida terrorist imprisoned for planning to assassinate President George W. Bush and plant weapons of mass destruction.

“Yaser Al-Dawsari even toured Esseghaier’s home country of Tunisia a couple of months ago, as part of a program to revitalize Wahhabism in that country,” Shoebat reported.

Chiheb Esseghaier's "favorites" as listed on his Facebook page (Screen capture: Walid Shoebat)

Aside from al-Qaida, Shoebat noted that Esseghaier’s other favorite terror organizations are “Al-Nusra Front fighting in the Levant to oust Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad, and also the Libyan based Ansar al-Sharia which was behind the Benghazi attacks.”

He explained, “The web of links in these Facebook pages have an array of statements and messages signed by code names that are typical for jihadists. For example, Abu Ayham Al-Tunisi (Abu Ayham the Tunisian) posts statements like, ‘Why I chose Al-Qaeda’ in hopes of enticing other young men to join their ranks.”

Shoebat continued, “Esseghaier’s favorite preacher is the firebrand Wahhabist Imam Shawqi Abu Batul, who wants to transform Tunisia into an Islamic Wahhabist state and is also linked to Al-Dawsari. He is the Imam of Malek Bin Anas in Al-Madina Al-Jadida in Tunisia.”

Esseghaier’s favorite Islamic song is “O Mother” by Lebanese singer Fadl Shaker. The following is an English translation of the song:

O Mother, my religion calls me for Jihad and martyrdom.
O Mother I am going to eternity and I will not falter.
O Mother do not cry if I became one of the fallen.
Death does not scare me for my wish is to be martyred.

It’s ‘Allahu Akbar,’ every time the bombs sing.
It’s Allahu Akbar, when the bullets announce their sound and chirp. It’s Allahu Akbar, the blood of my brothers is not in vain.

Victory is coming forth and righteousness has elevated its heat.
We refuse to submit and our concern is to erect our banner forever.
We refuse to bow to tyrants.
Death does not fear me and my wish is to be martyred.

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