What is slavery? It is not physical abuse, nor imprisonment, nor isolation from one’s family. All those things may be part of being a slave, but they do not define what it is to be a slave.

Being a slave means turning over the fruits of your labor to someone else, who will then give you what he deems you need to survive. The master steals your labor, your monetary reward, in return for meager living conditions. You cannot use your own money to choose your food or shelter or clothing. The master provides those things, and he alone decides what you “need.”

The argument is always made by statists that universal, government-run health care is the most moral form of medicine. After all, in their belief, no one is left out, no one dies for lack of “coverage,” and corporations do not reap profits at the expense of the vulnerable ill patients.

But in reality, government medicine is inherently immoral, and in fact uses the principles of slavery. You are forced at gunpoint (the IRS in America) to turn over your hard-earned cash to a government who then provides what it determines is necessary and appropriate care. You have no choice in what care is allowable; the masters at government determine that. Once a universal health system is in place, there is no alternative from which to choose.

Ever wonder who would want such a system of health care? Where did the idea of “single party payer,” i.e. government, universal health care come from?

Did you ever hear of a populist movement for it? When recent pre-election polls showed nearly 70 percent of Americans were not in favor of government takeover of health care, where does the push for this come from?

It comes from a group of people who believe that fairness in life requires government to control social and economic conditions so everyone gets a “fair” portion of the pie of life.

As put into their recent manifesto, they believe: “Liberty, equality and solidarity will require not only democratic control over economic life, but also a progressively financed, decentralized and quality public sector. Free markets or private charity cannot provide adequate public goods and services.”

This is a direct quote from the Democratic Socialists of America, essentially an offshoot of the Communist Party USA, repackaged with a name less likely to be rejected by the average American. One of the primary goals of this organization: A national, one-size-fits-all, universal health plan.

The origins of Obamacare can literally be traced to the Comintern, when Lenin discoursed that converting a nation to Marxism required three things – government-run banking, government-run education and government-run medicine. Subsequently, worldwide minions of communism have been slowly and relentlessly whittling away at the free market and substituting, little by little, bits of socialism into the system.

In recent times, Quinton Young, M.D., a prominent Chicago internist and 40-year member of the Communist Party USA, has been lobbying for a universal health-care system, introducing legislation and creating grass roots organizations to “run the ball.” He is a founding member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), and of the PNHP, Physicians for a National Health Plan. He was also, coincidentally, Barak Obama’s physician in Chicago and medical advisor on Obamacare.

David Himmelstein, another founding father of the PNHP, echoes the tenants of communism when he opines that a 90-percent tax rate would be acceptable to bring about this universal medical utopia.

HR 676 – a bill to institute a total government run medical system – is sponsored by John Conyers and Barbara Lee, both DSA members, and supported by most of the other 88 congressional members of the DSA.

I you want to understand the principles being employed to transform health care, you need look no farther than the Communist Party USA website:

Key elements of a national health service include, but are not limited to:

1. The elimination of profit from all aspects of health care and public health measures;
2. Payment for all health care including true public health measures from steeply progressive taxes;
3. The delivery of all health care and public health services from publicly owned hospitals and community health facilities federally financed via global budgeting;
4. The delivery of all health care and public health services by salaried public health care providers and workers, who earn a living wage, have job security and full benefits and who have the right to organize;
5. The elimination of all financial barriers to access to health care;
6. A tiered and publicly system of governance relying on local, regional, and national elected boards;
7. A national system of quality assurance and guaranteed services;
8. A regionally based system of publicly owned health care worker education and research facilities which have no financial barriers to access and no ties to corporations.

Communism is essentially slavery to the state, rather than to a private master. Soviet citizens worked and were doled out a meager standard of living according to their job description and party rankings. Communism has failed everywhere in delivering quality goods and services. Yet these are the principles being used to transform American health care.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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