President Obama’s second-term drive for so-called immigration reform and a bipartisan group of U.S. senators working to craft an immigration deal are not enough for the Communist Party USA.

The domestic communist group is calling for “street heat,” including civil disobedience, to demand passage of comprehensive legislation that “would keep families together” and include a path to citizenship for “the 11 million undocumented immigrants currently in the country.”

The sentiments were expressed in an article by the People’s World, the official magazine of the Communist Party USA. An online piece on the People’s World daily website was titled “Progress toward immigration bill? Not without “street heat.”

Exclaimed the article: “There are reports of progress in labor-business negotiations over new immigration reform legislation. But ‘street heat’ is essential to keep the effort from failing once more.”

The magazine said it disapproves of plans for a guest worker program, which it claims is aimed at “securing a supply of cheap labor from which it can derive extra profits, and undercut the rest of the workers.”

Continued the publication: “Guest workers are legally in the country, but they are in a vulnerable position, because they can’t change jobs when they are not satisfied with the pay or working conditions.”

Instead, the Communist Party USA outlet is supporting new “W” visa, which would guarantee a minimum wage, allow workers to change jobs and lead to a path of permanent legal residency and eventually U.S. citizenship.

However, People’s World warned that Republicans would try to push for “the old kind of guest worker program with increased numbers and radically reduced rights.”

“Grassroots pressure is essential,” continued the magazine. “Many protests are planned, including a major mobilization in Washington D.C. on April 10.”

The article linked to a description of a protest from last month that saw so-called civil disobedience at Chicago’s Federal Plaza and 10 other locations organized by the Fair Immigration Reform Movement.

With additional research by Brenda J. Elliott

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