The federal government is aggressively trying to murder 2 to 3 billion people around the world with genetically engineered food and depleted uranium bombs, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan told college and high school students at Tuskegee University March 22.

Speaking on the final day of a three-day visit, Farrakhan warned students that the government is looking to mass genocide to solve shortages of worldwide resources.

“[T]o cull, meaning to get rid of, two to three billion people is policy,” he said. “They [the federal government] feel that the resources of our planet are dwindling and the people on the planet are considered useless eaters, so to get rid of them means that they have access to the raw materials of the planet without opposition because they killing the potential opposition.”

At that point, multiple shouts of agreement can be heard from the audience in a video of the speech.

He continued,  “Now here are the methods they are using to effect global depopulation, starting with the Department of Defense and the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Depleted uranium bombs. Every time America drops a bomb, either from a drone or from ‘Shock and Awe,’ it has in each bomb depleted uranium. In the bullets, depleted uranium.”

Farrakhan charged that the U.S. is trying to poison “the atmosphere, the Earth, the water and the people with the residue of uranium.”

“If you look at some of the horrific pictures of the babies that are born now in Iraq, twisted, so grotesque, and all of this comes from the way we are using bombs, weapons.”

Then he turned to the issue of genetically modified foods.

“If they’re experimenting with genetically modified organisms on this land and then using it to kill and cull populations, then we have to understand what we’re doing if we’re in partnership with Monsanto and DuPont and those bandits that take a seed from God and go in it and extract its ability to reproduce so that once you use it once, you cannot use it again. You have to keep coming back to them, and they patent it,” he said, prompting shouts of agreement.

WND reported Monday that Congress slipped a “Monsanto Protection Act” into its continuing resolution spending bill with a special provision that protects those companies producing genetically modified food from all sorts of liabilities. Genetically modified foods have short-cut the process to enhance or even eliminate particular characteristics in food. GMOs have been used to create crops that are resistant to infestations and are cheaper to produce – all by making a few changes in the plants’ DNA coding.

According to the Tuskegee University announcement, Farrakhan was invited by the Tuskegee University Muslim Student Association and the Black Belt Deliberative Dialogue. The visit was part of several speeches he is giving at Historically Black College and University campuses across the nation. posted part of Farrakhan’s speech on its website.

“His speech appeared to be received well by the audience who responded to many points with applause,” Campus Reform reported, adding that university administrators have declined to return comment or indicate whether Farrakhan received a stipend for the appearance.

Farrakhan claimed the genocide policy was proposed by Secretary of State Henry Kissinger under President Richard Nixon, employed by President Gerald Ford in 1975 and is still in effect under President Barack Obama.

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