Hunt for the word “homophobia” – purportedly a fear of homosexuality – and Merriam-Webster, the ADL, Wikipedia, Oxford Dictionary, The Free Dictionary, the Reference Dictionary and others are ready to provide help.

But look for “homofascism” – the use of homosexuality to bludgeon and batter the religious rights of Christians and others – and the logical resources are silent, leaving it to blogs and others to define.

For example, at, a blogger wrote, “In light of all the information that I already posted and current information in this digest, I believe I may have coined a phrase. I am no longer titling the information as homosexual but homofascism. … I am going to use it because it fits this movement.”

It’s not hard to recognize. It’s when:

Rev. Scott Lively, who works with Defend the Family, now also has begun working with pastors and churches in Oklahoma City, under the banner of Oklahomans for the 1st Amendment, to take back Christians’ rights to believe, live and express their biblical beliefs.

Essentially, the goal of the program is to affirm that the First Amendment right to freedom of speech and religion trumps laws set up to promote homosexuality by setting aside quotas for hiring and such.

Lively told WND the effort was launched in Oklahoma for a number of reasons, including that the state is fairly conservative and the special “rights” for homosexuals still are a mostly new idea there.

“The idea is to accomplish somewhere in the nation an amendment of sexual orientation regulations … as an example to the rest of the nation,” he said.

The idea, with variations, could be applied to governments, corporations, or anything else.

He said such “gay” set-asides are sold to the public as a shield against attacks on homosexuals, but the homosexuals use the special provisions as a sword to attack the rights of Christians.

The campaign’s goal is simply to return that status to being a shield, he said.

The Oklahoma group’s members say they “believe in the supremacy of the First Amendment for freedom of speech, the freedom of the press, the right to assemble peacefully as the people desire, and the right to petition the government to make things right if it has caused them harm.”

They “believe these rights have been given by God and not by the state – thus, the state has no authority to take these rights.”

Their request?

“That any non-discrimination ordinance in any city regulations include the following statement: ‘In no circumstances shall sexual orientation regulations supersede the First Amendment rights of individuals, churches and religious organizations to freedom of speech and the free exercise of religion.”

Its website includes a petition.

Lively said in an open society such as that in the United States, “We as people have to be willing to put up with other people’s speech … Others have been willing to do that – except the ‘gays.'”

Obtaining a foothold in one location, he said, will allow a springboard effect to other cities, counties and states.

Lively’s long list of other incidents that show abuse of Christians’ rights:

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