Let me start out this piece by extolling my sincerest condolences to the victims and families affected by the Boston Marathon bombers. 

It’s now been a fortnight, and this incident still stings in my mind.

The country has not experienced the feelings of fear and insecurity we felt on that day in quite some time.

Additionally, the country has not seen such steadfast bravery from our law enforcement officials, first responders and civilians at the scene of the blast in an even longer amount of time.

Never before, though, had the country experienced the scenes that emanated out of Boston in the days following the bombings.

Government agents, SWAT teams and Boston police marching through deserted streets – a city in lockdown.

Businesses, restaurants, services entirely shut down. Monuments, museums and tourist attractions completely off limits to the public.

De-facto martial law declared throughout the entire Boston metropolitan region with people gripped by the fear that they were about to have their homes raided or see friendly-fire bullets flying through their front windows.

As a former Major League Baseball player (who had to dodge batteries thrown by irate fans when venturing to opposing stadiums), it was unsettling to know that iconic Fenway Park, one of the oldest athletic cathedrals in the entire country, was going to cancel the next day’s Red Sox game as a response to the actions of these individuals.

I can’t remember a time since 9/11 when a city was completely shut down due to the dastardly acts of a small number of barbaric creatures.

Think about this for a moment: not a mass group, but just a couple.

Two guys.

Not two well-trained experts as far as we know. Two young immigrants to America (refuges, actually) who are, if their uncle is to be believed, “losers.”

Further reports state they were living on welfare, and others indicate the youngest Tsarnaev brother was more interested in smoking pot and partying than waging jihad against the United States.

An entire metropolitan area was shut down because two individuals with homemade bombs made from pressure cookers decided to cause mayhem.

The actions of two shut down a metropolitan area for days and allowed for a seeping fear to creep in to the hearts and souls of Boston area residents.

Why so such a draconian approach taken to this situation? Why was martial law basically implemented within the greater Boston area when the suspects were ID’d and being tailed by police officers?

Ironically, Dzhokar Tsarnaev was identified by a suspicious civilian as opposed to the massive army of officers on the street searching tooth and nail for evidence of his whereabouts.

Another solution would have allowed the people of Boston to move freely, the police to get their jobs done and preserve the rights of the overall population.

Brace yourselves – you are about to hear one of the single most controversial phrases in the English lexicon: profiling.

Crime stats dictate that when you are looking for a serial killer, he usually fits a certain profile. When there’s a shooting in downtown Chicago the perpetrator generally fits a certain criteria, which makes Toure and Mark Lamont Hill go into fits of hysteria, but keep in mind, folks, profiles/stereotypes don’t just create themselves. They evolve over time as similar situations repetitively occur consistently involving individuals of a common nature(s).

When a terrorist attack happens, time and time again, the suspect almost always falls along a certain set of easily knowable but – in our politically correct age – unsayable criteria, which helps law enforcement track him down as quickly as possible.

David Sirota, a limp-wristed writer for Salon who earns a living trying to convince the public that white Americans are the greatest threat to the country’s stability, prayed for white American bombers to be the culprits in two separate pieces he published.

He so badly wanted to be able to shove it in the face of Middle America to show that they too are capable of such horrific actions.

While a controversial statement, many on the left silently agreed, ready to feast on the Second Coming of Timothy McVeigh. It wasn’t politically expedient (and exploitable) to those on the left for the terrorists be Muslims.

But back to profiling.

Our friends in Israel do not let a few terrorists grip their entire nation in fear. They go about their daily lives in peace with the knowledge that their government is sensible enough to isolate the select group of individuals who are generally responsible for most of the attacks within their country.

In fact, the Israeli people can sleep comfortably at night knowing the government of Israel actually takes into consideration the best interest of the Israeli people when making decisions – not in doing what is in the best interest of non-Israelis. (Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a country with a government like that?)

When you walk into an Israeli airport you have the usual security details, but instead of a “one size fits all” policy (administered by those oh-so-wonderful TSA agents) their entire security method is structured to focus on suspicious individuals.

As this article points out, instead of terrorizing the entire population, they focus on the “who” not the “what”:

“First, it’s fast – there’s almost no line. That’s because they’re not looking for liquids, they’re not looking at your shoes. They’re not looking for everything they look for in North America. They just look at you,” said Sela. “Even today with the heightened security in North America, they will check your items to death. But they will never look at YOU, at how you behave. They will never look into your eyes … and that’s how you figure out the bad guys from the good guys.”

Israel has a sensible policy through which they deal with potential terror threats, thereby maintaining peace and security that doesn’t inconvenience the majority of the Israeli people – only those who wish to do the Israeli people harm.

America doesn’t operate under such sensible policies.

An entire metro area was shut down because people are not allowed to make judgment calls within their own population.

Now, the National Football League, Major League Baseball and NASCAR are all prepared to follow suit with extra security measures put in place that will make going to one of these events as a spectator just as unpleasant as trying to fly.

Metal detectors, pat-downs and – you know its coming – TSA agents are all security measures that will soon be found at an NFL or MLB stadium near you.

An entire population should not be terrorized to appease the demands of a few. Suspicious characters should be judged, and the citizenry should not have a guilt trip enforced upon them by elites in ivory towers every time they do so.

The Israeli government has it right when it comes to providing security for the people of that nation.

Our government?

Not so much.


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