GoogleEarth 02-2013 Image, Quds secret nuclear facility

The head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization today, in an unusual press conference, denied the existence of a WND-revealed secret uranium enrichment site, dubbed “Quds,” at which the rogue nation is making great progress in creating nuclear warheads for an array of long-range missiles stored underground nearby.

In a coordinated effort, all major media of the Islamic regime reported on the press conference with the headline, “The existence of a nuclear site with the name of Quds is not accurate.”

The reports quote Fereidoon Abassi, the head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, as saying, “The existence of the Quds site 15 meters (50 feet) northeast of Fordow is not correct.”

The site actually sits 15 kilometers, or 9.3 miles, to the northeast of the previous secret site of Fordow.

Iran’s secret new nuclear site was exposed in an exclusive WND story on March 20 and a follow-up in the Washington Times the next day. The source for that information, a high-ranking intelligence officer assigned to the regime’s Defense Ministry, provided the coordinates and the detailed information on the operation of the complex, which consists of three facilities:

The first is where the regime’s scientists are enriching uranium to weapons grade. They already have enough plutonium for several bombs and are in the last stage of putting together a nuclear warhead. This site is called “Quds” after Jerusalem, as they believe Israel will soon be destroyed and Jerusalem restored to Muslim rule.

The second, which makes missile warheads, is dubbed “Marty Mughniyah” after the Hezbollah terrorist who, under the command of the regime, conducted multiple terrorist acts that killed hundreds of Americans and Israelis.

The third facility is a vast site that houses over 380 missile depots and launching pads.

At the press conference today, Abassi said, “Reports by some media and the produced video which claimed that Iran had an installation involved in its nuclear operation with the name ‘Quds’ 15 meters northeast of Fordow (are not true). … These claims are not accurate because Iran has no other nuclear enrichment facility but Fordow in the vicinity of the cities of Qom to Natanz, Tehran to Qom and Qom to Saveh. Our only enrichment facility is at Fordow, and that is under the supervision of the (International Atomic Energy Agency) and nothing else exists.”

Abassi failed to mention the Natanz nuclear facility, which is enriching uranium with over 10,000 centrifuges and located within the vicinities he mentioned.

And according to the source, regime scientists in collaboration with their North Korean counterparts have succeeded in not only enriching to weapons grade but have converted the highly enriched uranium into metal. Moreover, the source said, successfully making a neutron reflector indicates the final stages for a nuclear weapons design that would be a two-stage, more sophisticated and much more powerful nuclear bomb.

Regime scientists are also working on a plutonium bomb as a second path to becoming nuclear-armed, the source said, and they have at this site 24 kilograms of plutonium, which is sufficient for several atomic bombs. The scientists are at the last stage of putting together a warhead, he said.

Iran is now having to react because “powers” have asked Tehran to explain the site, the source said. The fact that Abassi emphasized the distance and the name without explaining what the site is and why hundreds of missiles surround it shows the regime has been caught off guard and is panicking.

The satellite images clearly show this vast site is visible to the naked eye and that it is a high-priority site with secret work conducted deep within a mountain.

Abassi finds himself in a tough situation, the source said, and it’s very likely he will soon be replaced as the regime has long suspected him of spying. His panicky explanation about “Quds” and giving exact locations at which Iran does not have another enrichment facility might be seen as a subliminal message that the regime indeed has other secret installations.

Golpanews, which is associated with the Defense Ministry, said on March 24: “It is clear that the claim by anti-revolutionaries about the existence of the secret nuclear site, Quds, if correct, is nothing more than the situation with the Parchin (military) site and that the Islamic Republic, based on its international obligations, is only after the science of enrichment and the usage for peaceful nuclear energy.”

That report by Golpanews, with its connection to the highest levels of the Iranian government, laid the groundwork for calling Quds a military site and therefore not accessible for inspection by the IAEA.

Many American experts who have reviewed the images have expressed deep concern and have urged Congress to conduct a hearing on the Islamic regime’s nuclear bomb pursuit.

At the press conference today, Abassi touched on a report by The Telegraph on the regime’s activity at its heavy-water plant in Arak and the intention of the regime for producing plutonium as a second path to nuclear weapons, stating that the production of heavy water is only for the use in a reactor.

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