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Jews again accused of using blood in matzah

A Lebanese daily newspaper published an article to coincide with Passover this year that resurrected the age-old blood libel about the “barbaric rituals” of the Jewish people.

The article in Al Sharq accused Jews of using human blood in their religious rituals, a notorious anti-Semitic smear.

The author, Lebanese writer Sana Kojok, claimed that during Passover, the Jews eat matzah made with the blood of non-Jews.

Kojok also called on the Palestinians to turn Israeli’s religious holiday from one of joy into one of weeping and wailing.

The Middle East Media Research Institute reported the claim.

Kojok’s article began by explaining some of the Jewish holiday traditions, including Sukkot and Hanukkah, then described what he called the “barbaric rituals” of Passover.

He wrote: “During the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins today, strange and bizarre rituals are held, according to instructions by the Talmud: Houses are cleared of all leaven, that is, all bread and bread products containing yeast, which are called ‘hametz’ in Hebrew.

“Additionally, on the holiday eve, the Zionist Jews eat unleavened bread which during its preparation is mixed with blood – but that blood must be from a non-Jew! This unleavened bread is called ‘matzah’,” Kojok claimed.

The “blood libel” myth dates as far back as 1840, when a tale was spread around Syria that a priest, Father Toma, went to the Jewish Quarter of Damascus, where he was slaughtered by a group of rabbis and other Jews. As the historically inaccurate account goes, not a drop of blood was spilled because it was collected to make Passover matzah.

“Imagine someone eating matzah made with blood!? How do these barbarians think?? Such barbaric behavior – even in eating and drinking?!” Kojok wrote.

Kojok asserted that Jews were calling one another to invade the Al-Aqsa Mosque and celebrate Passover there. Muslims regard the Al-Aqsa Mosque as the third holiest site in Islam, located in the Old City of Jerusalem. It sits on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism.

“How can the world expect us to negotiate with people who crave the blood of human beings – not only in their wars, but even in their holidays?” he wrote.

In 2003, Arab media aired a program that depicted a boy being sacrificed and his blood used to make Passover matzah. Prominent Saudi clerics reiterated the myth in a 2012 interview, claiming also the Holocaust was “exaggerated.”

In 2000, the Palestinian Liberation Army mufti, Sheik Col. Nader Al-Tamini, stated in a debate on Al-Jazeera that there can be no peace with the Jews because they suck and use the blood of Arabs on holidays such as Passover and Purim.

Kojok urged his fellow Muslims to turn the Jewish holiday into one of “weeping and wailing.”

“Their d***** Talmud neither respects nor recognizes any monotheistic religion. The Palestinians should challenge the Zionist aggressors and turn their holiday from one of joy and pleasure at the taste of blood into one of weeping and wailing,” Kojok wrote.