(Times of Israel) Increasingly “disobedient” Jordanian parliamentarians are challenging the Hashemite leadership’s firm relationship with Israel, in a not-so-subtle tug of war between King Abdullah and a disgruntled civil society.

Media and labor unions in the kingdom — Israel’s best ally in the Arab Middle East — already all formally boycott Israel. Now the political climate is becoming ever more hostile too.

The latest example stemmed from Israel’s 65th Independence Day celebrations.

Last week, Jordanian member of parliament Muhammad Asha Dawaimeh made the “mistake” of attending an independence event at the residence of President Shimon Peres.

When news of his presence broke, Dawaimeh, a member of the Islamic Center Party — a tiny political faction left of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamic Action Front — admitted to receiving and accepting a formal invitation to the event from Israel’s foreign Ministry.

He subsequently assured a Jordanian website that he was working with Palestinian legislators on an appeal to Israel’s Supreme Court to allow worshipers unlimited access to the Temple Mount. He said he opposed normalization with Israel. Indeed, he expressed support for “the liberation of Palestinian from the river to the sea.” But to no avail.

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