My editor: A bigoted braggadocio

By Mychal Massie

There is an ongoing effort to craft news and opinion into liberal agitprop by those entrusted with the responsibility of providing truthful and factual opinion-editorials and reporting of news.

In my Daily Rant, April 19, I revealed that Mark Ivancic, managing editor of the Bradford Era newspaper, was systematically and deliberately trying to censor my conservative opinions. I also revealed that he had been caught changing my copyrighted material without my permission (“Editor Caught Altering Content,”

This is not the first time this has happened. Years ago, I caught a managing editor at a different newspaper changing the quotes of sources I had used in my then-featured op-eds. Not only that but she did it without my permission or that of the person quoted.

There are blind ideologues in every area of the news and information business, and as most know, I condemn them all. The news and information industry is no place for blind ideology. You, the public, entrust us to deliver the news/information factually and truthfully, and that same standard applies to opinion-editorials. People may not agree with my opinions, but the facts contained in same have withstood the test of time. And I am just as critical of Republicans and so-called conservatives as I am of liberal Democrats, perhaps even more so.

Liberals, however, exercise censorship, threats and intimidation juxtaposed to providing truthful, factual, unbiased news. And their minions will go to any extreme to prevent opinions they disagree with from being available to the public for them to make up their own minds.

The aspect of Ivancic’s dishonest machinations (which are most appalling) is that he cheats his readership of factual information, and in his rush to do so he sets the table for racial tension.

If I were given to liberal philosophies, I could scream RACISM at the top of my voice and make a perfect case for it. I could very easily make this about my skin color and not about Ivancic being morally opprobrious. I could accuse the Bradford area of being racist, and, trust me, I could make a darn good argument because Ivancic handed me one. I could have the town turned on its collective head because of his actions.

Instead I see this as a teachable moment. There is absolutely no doubt that if a conservative editor took Ivancic-type action against a liberal black and/or a black person who viewed every insult through a prism of race, it would be salt in an open racial wound.

As I have said before, there is a difference between racism and malicious, morally opprobrious behavior. In the two conversations I’ve had with Ivancic, he comes across as a braggadocio and a narcissist; I found him to be insulting and ideologically contumelious pursuant to the reality of racial issues.

That makes him an insolent bigot, but it doesn’t make him racist as such. His actions make him a questionable source to be in charge of disseminating the news, and it should make readers question what he produces, but it doesn’t necessarily mean he hates me because I’m black. As a matter of fact, I would be inclined to say what upsets him is not my skin color, as such, but my conservative opinion. I would also be inclined to believe Ivancic finds it hard to understand how I can be a conservative and, accordingly, attempts to censor my voice to a community that has enjoyed my work for nearly 10 years.

This is why publishers should demand that their managing editors provide the news in a clear, cogent and unbiased way. Instead, Ivancic has opened the community to potential racial discord if I were inclined to cause same. But that’s one of the many things that separate us. I believe in rising above racial commonality.

The opposite of Ivancic is Fox News Channel and Megyn Kelly et al. who allow the racist race-monger Jehmu Greene to have carte blanche to call other guests vulgar racial epithets with impunity and remain a featured Fox News contributor. Whereas, we all know if a white male even hinted at insulting a black liberal he would never be welcomed back.

I have written many times over the years that the media are in large part responsible for fomenting racial discord and antipathy.

But, as my readership knows, I refuse to stoop to use an easy argument that will drive the racial wedge further between us as Americans. We must rise above that.

I am insulted and offended by Ivancic’s actions, but I’m a better man than he is because I’m looking through a prism of Americanism. He is looking through a prism of bigoted political bias and subterfuge.

We as a people must refuse to allow ourselves to descend to the easiest argument, because, in many instances, it reduces us to the level of the Erebusic liberals who take pride in using race as a divider of men. We are better than that even if they aren’t.

NOTE: Calls to John H. Satterwhite, publisher of the Bradford Era, for comment have not been returned. More to come on this story.

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