More and more Americans are opting out of Earth Day in favor of a holiday that offers a chance to fight back against Marxism and political correctness.

The holiday, which is called “Holly Maddux Day,” is named after the young woman murdered by Ira Einhorn, a 1960s antiwar activist. Einhorn, who was a friend of Jerry Rubin and Abby Hoffman, is regarded by many as the founder of Earth Day.

Einhorn emceed the first Earth Day celebration in Philadelphia in April 1970, at which Sen. Edmund Muskie gave the highlight address. Einhorn, an advocate of free love and drug use, was instrumental in gaining the support of corporate America for Earth Day.

Einhorn bludgeoned Maddux to death in 1979, leaving her body to decompose in the same apartment where he entertained guests. After his arrest, Einhorn was defended by the liberal Republican senator, Arlen Spector. Einhorn fled to France, and after being extradited in 2002, was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of Holly Maddux.

“Holly Maddux Day” is celebrated each year to commemorate the loss of Holly Maddux and to reflect on the suffering of all those who met with persecution or martyrdom at the hands of totalitarian Marxist governments.

“Holly Maddux Day” commemorates the 13 Catholic bishops and 4,000 priests and seminarians killed in the Spanish Civil War; the 30 million killed in the Soviet Union under Joseph Stalin; and the 100 million slain in China under Mao Zedong. The day also commemorates those individuals slain by the left, including among many others, those executed in the French Revolution, Louis XVI, the queen of France and the heir to the French throne; those killed by the Bolsheviks in the Russian Revolution, including Czar Alexander II, Czarina Alexandra and their five children; and those who were slain by anarchist or communist assassins, including Empress Elizabeth of Bavaria, President William McKinley and President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

“Holly Maddux Day” is observed by wearing white and sending lighted baskets down streams and rivers in memory of those who were killed for the sake of the truth. The symbol of “Holly Maddux Day” is a holly leaf within a golden circle. A sprig of holly may also be worn on an item of white clothing to mark the day.

Fritz Spencer

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