Real women don’t need ‘feminism’

By WND Staff

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Real women don’t need “feminism.”

That’s according to “The Monstrous Regiment of Women,” a Colin Gunn award-winning documentary that undercuts any strength that might be attributed to the feminist worldview.

Notable women’s advocate Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum explains it simply.

“The problem with feminism, I think the principal problem, is the cultivation of an attitude of victimization. Feminism tries to make women believe they are victims of an oppressive, male-dominated, patriarchal society. They wake up in the morning with a chip on their shoulder.”

The DVD soberly and maturely reveals the fallacies in that attitude.

“The Monstrous Regiment of Women” explains that feminists tell women not to submit to a husband, avoid having children, listen to their “inner voice” and chase a career.

But the DVD’s voices say otherwise. They include Edinburgh University historian Sharon Adams, Jennie Chancey of Ladies Against Feminism, cadet Jane Doe, former abortion provider Carol Everett, homemaker Dana Feliciano, Buried Treasure Books writer Carmon Freidrich, “Domestic Tranquility” author F. Carolyn Graglia, John Knox biographer Rosalind Marshall, “Raising Maidens of Virtue” author Stacey McDonald, Schlafly and homemakers Denise Sproul and Kathleen Smith.

The women show how feminism’s twisted and irrational teaching has led to disaster for American women, pushing many into a frustrating, isolated existence.

They are calling today’s women back to a life filled with joy and beauty that can be found only by following God’s Word.

The film takes its title from a famous tract by 16th-century reformer John Knox, “The First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstrous Regiment of Women.”

The tract was written to oppose a notorious European female tyrant who sought to stamp out biblical Christianity in Knox’s beloved Scotland.

The Monstrous Regiment of Women is a clarion call to all and a must-see, thought-provoking movie.

Sally Anne, a customer at, wrote: “Well, if you are a feminist (even just a teeny bit of one) be forewarned that you will need to hang onto your hat for watching this one :) But, it’s worth it! It’s a great movie, and does a super job of depicting some of the changes that feminism has brought to our world…ever since John Knox wrote his ‘First Blast’ booklet. Yeah for John Knox and yeah for the producers of this thought provoking movie!”

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