Sandy Hook families dishonor their loved ones

By Craige McMillan

Americans are uncomfortable with grief. We are not good at facing it ourselves, nor are we any better at helping others to face it. We mumble a few words in sympathy, which mean nothing, avoid eye contact and then turn away.

Perhaps that is because in America, bad things must always be someone’s – or something’s – fault. The Jews called that idea a scapegoat. In ancient Israel, a goat was let loose in the wilderness on Yom Kippur, after the high priest had symbolically laid the sins of the people on its head. The rules are found in Leviticus, should you want to improve your scapegoating. offers us a more modern definition: “A person or group made to bear the blame for others or to suffer in their place.” And I would add that this being America, “they” – or “it” – must be made to pay.

With both the killer and his mother dead, the search for a scapegoat fell into the hands of the people I wrote about in this column. Washington, D.C.’s collection of demagogues and hypocrites had no trouble in finding an appropriate scapegoat: an inanimate object that carried all their public failures into the wilderness, and at the same time would promote their quest for absolute power.

Yes, the answer was obvious: The murders were carried out by a firearm. Therefore, firearms – and their owners – must be made to pay! Don’t trouble us with no “stink’in facts, man! We don’t wanna know!”

Too bad. Evil exists. And good people make bad decisions. Yes, even here in Ameritopia, where the killer’s mother “had found her son falling deeper into a bizarre mindset, the newspaper reports, and in November, only two weeks before the shootings, found sketches of dead bodies in his room.

“One (drawing) had a woman clutching a religious item, like rosary beads, and holding a child, and she was getting all shot up in the back with blood flying everywhere,” an unidentified friend told the Daily News.

“Nancy was disturbed, really disturbed, but didn’t confront him,” the friend said. “She wanted to think it over.”

Yeah, she wanted to think it over. Would that be as in some cases it might be just fine for your 20-year-old, previously diagnosed, mentally ill son living at home with you to be drawing pictures of murdering mothers and babies?

The Sandy Hook parents and others running around this nation at taxpayer and DNC front group expense seeking to hold responsible an inanimate object for their grief are, quite frankly, a disgrace. They know perfectly well the truth about Sandy Hook, but they are lying to America. They would have us “sacrifice essential liberty,” to paraphrase Ben Franklin, not for temporary safety, but for their own momentary convenience.

And the truth is very inconvenient. Adam Lanza’s mother knew that her son was a danger. But she blamed “bullying” at the school (not, you will note, the individual bullies, just the process). She excused and enabled her son’s actions. She knew the course her son’s illness would take, yet she did nothing. And neither did anyone else in her circle of friends. She enabled her son.

Just as the Sandy Hook parents and others who have suffered a personal loss are enabling the sick hypocrites and demagogues in D.C. who are shamefully using these family members’ grief to destroy essential American liberties. Why? Because they find individual liberty and freedom from government overreach inconvenient to their hypocritical lives and careers. Stop dishonoring the memory of your loved ones. Stop dishonoring America. Tell the truth.

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