Sex-ed cartoons ‘too graphic’ for N.Y. Times

By Dave Tombers

While Americans debate how to best keep school children safe from violence, at least one group is asking why the media won’t help pressure the education system into keeping kids safe from another child predator the group dubs “Sex Incorporated” – also known as Planned Parenthood.

The American Life League, or ALL, issued a statement questioning why major news outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post have declined their recent request to run ads highlighting the methods Planned Parenthood uses to target young kids.

ALL claims the content of the ads came straight out of Planned Parenthood publications ALL says are used to “hook kids on sex.”

“This week, both the New York Times and Washington Post rejected a full-page advertisement from American Life League as ‘too graphic’ and ‘shocking’ for their adult readers,” says an ALL report.

Judie Brown, president and co-founder of ALL, agrees that the images are shocking, but says that the images come directly from Planned Parenthood materials funded by American taxpayers and aimed at those taxpayers’ own children.

“Parents tax dollars are being used to turn their own children into Planned Parenthood’s future sex customers,” says Brown. “Their abortion business is based on exploiting young minds and filling those minds with all manner of sex instruction.

“It is a grisly trail, but it leads from sex instruction to contraception to abortion when contraception fails,” she says. “That is the Planned Parenthood recipe, and the media likes it.”

ALL tells WND it simply wants the world to know what Planned Parenthood has planned for American school children.

“To raise public awareness about Planned Parenthood’s controversial sex education –more accurately described as sexual indoctrination – ALL planned a series of advertisements revealing what and how children are really taught in [Planned Parenthood’s] so-called ‘comprehensive sex education,'” ALL says. “These are programs that are already in many schools and will reach all public schools as currently mandated in Obamacare.”

ALL also wonders why so much federal money makes its way to Planned Parenthood, especially with so many cuts in so many other areas.

“Why is the Obama administration funneling $350 million [to Planned Parenthood] to push this filth into classrooms, while at the same time telling us we don’t have money for White House tours, TSA agents or border security?” asks Brown.

“Starting in kindergarten, funded with our tax dollars, [Planned Parenthood] uses graphic cartoons to saturate children with sexual imagery that encourages them to focus on sexuality, engage in sex and accept dangerous aberrant sexual acts as perfectly normal,” Brown explains.

Those cartoon images were rejected by the newspapers’ advertising departments and now have left ALL scratching its head.

“If [the cartoons] are too graphic for adults reading the Washington Post,” Brown says, “then they certainly should not be in elementary school classrooms.”

The rejected ads contain graphic images ALL says was aimed at children as young as 10. One image features a little girl in a baseball uniform with the words, “Clittle League” across her chest. She’s smiling and pointing at a giant, private body part.

“A stranger would be arrested, but your tax dollars pay Planned Parenthood to show these images to your child,” the ad says.

Planned Parenthood, on the other hand, is touting the federal tax dollars it received through Obamacare and awards received from the Department of Health and Human Services, headed by Kathleen Sebelius.

Planned Parenthood blasts federal support for abstinence only programs as “ineffective” and, according to their own statements, is organizing community activists to help do away with the practice: “Unfortunately, the health-care reform bill also included a renewal of $50 million per year funding of Title V abstinence-only education for states until 2014. Planned Parenthood is continuing our work with our supporters, youth activists and policymakers to put an end to this ineffective program.”

At the same time Planned Parenthood praises the federal government for funding even more targeted sexual exposure to America’s young.

“Planned Parenthood is working with the federal and state governments to ensure access to sex-education programs that give young people the reliable, accurate information they need to make responsible decisions and stay healthy,” says the Planned Parenthood website.

To the tune of “over $375 million dollars through Obamacare alone,” says ALL.

“For the past 40 years we have faced a media hostile to telling the truth about Planned Parenthood and specifically about the manner in which they literally rape the minds of our children,” Brown told WND.

Brown claims that a cooperative media seemingly runs interference for abortion proponents like Planned Parenthood by refusing to show the world exactly the kind of material Planned Parenthood pours into young minds.

“Our rejected ads did not provide material that is any different than the smut a child is exposed to during a Planned Parenthood-sponsored sex-instruction class,” she tells WND. “That is the tragic fact.”

Messages to the New York Times for comment were not returned.

ALL maintains a website called, with which they hope to raise the awareness of the danger lurking in their child’s classroom:

While most Americans associate Planned Parenthood with abortion, this organization is also in the business of promoting a deviate and dangerous sexual agenda that in the long run will benefit the abortion giant’s bottom line, while creating a destructive and broken society for the rest of us.

Planned Parenthood has proven that it is a sex business that self-perpetuates itself by first developing obscene sex education materials that promote indiscriminate and risky sexual behavior to our youth through America’s public schools, families and community organizations.

The second step kicks in once the organization has created an environment of sexual risk-taking behavior among youth. It then markets and promotes contraceptive products and programs that have proven to be ineffective in preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Once the ineffective contraceptives fail, Planned Parenthood completes the cycle selling abortions to the teens it has sucked into its deadly cyclone. Tax-paying Americans who work diligently to contribute to strengthening our country are unwittingly funding the absolutely pornographic and child sexual abuse agenda that Planned Parenthood pushes on our society.

To watch an ALL report on the topic, click here.

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