WASHINGTON – The United Nations might be trying to regulate America’s guns, but rock star Ted Nugent is “not at all” concerned.

There’s a reason.

“I believe we the people have made it rather clear that ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ is more than a song,” Nugent said in an interview with WND today after the U.N. adopted its long-developing Arms Trade Treaty.

“As putrid and anti-American as the entire U.N. concept/agenda is,” he added, “we mean it and I believe we have … driven home an adequate fear factor into the lives of the soulless U.N. gangsters. It is they who should be fearful.”

The ATT establishes new and far tighter regulations on nations to control guns and other weapons. Many pro-Second Amendment activists have been critical of it, explaining that its loopholes exist to infringe upon private gun ownership.

Sen. James Inhofe, R-Okla., said earlier the treaty would not only “disrupt diplomatic and national security efforts” but it would also have the United States implement gun laws “as required by the treaty instead of the national controls that are currently in place.”

Today, he said, the U.N.’s actions would seek to “supersede the laws our elected officials have already put into place.”

Nugent believes that President Obama is working with the U.N. on the rules, making the president a “clear and present threat to freedom and the American way of life.”

The Obama administration supported the resolution.

But Nugent said, “To listen to this man’s heartless rhetoric and gun control scam is a classic lesson in deceit and brainwashing that only clueless, ignorant sheep are buying into. Like his good friend Diane Feinstein has admitted publicly, he and his ilk would disarm American families if they thought they could get away with it. We simply will not let it happen.”

Nugent said Obama’s gun control agenda “is alive and well in his original hell zone of Chicago – a murder capitol gun free zone of forced unarmed helplessness.”

For Nugent, the U.N. lacks credibility because it is a “gang of nations” where the U.S. must listen to “the input of tyrants, kings, emperors, slave drivers, despots and murderers.”

Nugent says this collection of vagabonds is “like Planet of the Apes morphed into One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”

The U.N., Obama, and leftists, he said, are “mindlessly obsessed with bringing down the best of the best who try their hardest to be the best.”

He described the left wing as trying to drive mankind to an “embarrassing level ‘equal’ with the worst of the worst that refuse to try for any upgrade whatsoever.”

Nugent said hometown Detroit is the “ultimate example” of “liberal Democrats destroying everything they control” on their march toward equality.

As far as any further attempts at gun confiscation by the United Nations or the federal government, Nugent does not believe this will give momentum to gun grabbers. In fact, he believes the opposite.

“We the people have stepped up to the plate in a most powerful way to the Obama/U.N. gun grab by purchasing more guns and ammo than any society in the history of the world,” he said.

Nugent calls this act by the American people “no sleight of hand, but rather a bold statement of defiance against the very concept of forced unarmed helplessness. Thank God it appears that more and more people and politicians are coming to admit that every proposed gun control measure is a ruse and counterproductive for a safe and secure society.”

His criticism of the current administration in defense of guns and culture is not new. Back in February, Nugent attended the State of the Union at the invitation of Congressman Steve Stockman, R-Texas, where he spoke in a private interview with several members of the media.

He said in regard to American values that “we need to start over and review the subjects that made us different than King George.”

In his debut column for WND, Nugent declared in reference to gun control that “what Sen. Feinstein, VP Biden or President Obama want is more control over Americans. These socialists and Marxists don’t care about mass murder. What they want is more control, their boots on our necks.”

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