The American Civil Liberties Union launched a war on God almost a century ago, and the sudden advancement of secularism it spawned now threatens to stifle public expressions of faith and ultimately quash the constitutional freedoms upon which our nation was founded.

That’s the premise of “Bad Samaritans: The ACLU’s Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square,” the latest work from best-selling author and WND senior staff writer Dr. Jerome Corsi.

Corsi said the book comes at a critical time when secularism is running rampant, and Americans must decide whether we will succumb to the onslaught or fight to preserve the religious freedom that made this country great.

“I think we’re reaching a critical time, and certainly the Obama administration is speeding it up, of having the secularization of America. I think we’re reaching critical points on the attack on God and the attack on the family,” Corsi said. “Today, it’s very difficult to practice Judeo-Christian beliefs in public school or the public square.”

He added, “The ACLU is not only pressing same-sex marriage. They’re now supporting pedophilia in the courts. In California, you’ve got attacks to remove the tax-exempt status of the Boy Scouts because they won’t allow gay scoutmasters. If the Supreme Court decides same-sex marriage cases, are churches where pastors, for biblical or scriptural reasons, want to oppose various sexual practices, are they going to be accused of hate crimes or lose their tax-exempt status? We’ve got a real attack going on in the United States on God and on the the family.”

“Bad Samaritans” looks behind the headlines and shows the ACLU’s fingerprints as it works to destroy freedom and reduce our constitutional republic to the level of a Marxist state. It’s time to fight back!

Corsi contends secular and atheistic groups, like the ACLU, take aim at God and socially conservative policies because they see undermining the role of God in American life as an essential step in removing God-given rights from the American people and giving more and more authority to government.

“Just go to the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson talking about inalienable rights. Our liberties are God-given, instilled in our hearts by God. This is a Judeo-Christian concept of natural law,” Corsi said. “If we abandon those ideas, then our rights are given by the state and they can be taken away by the state. You can have an arbitrary basis in terms of what rights are given or not given.”

This development can be seen in two current debates, according to Corsi. First, he said the left’s insistence on universal acceptance of the homosexual agenda could lead to pastors facing hate crime charges for teaching the biblical views on sexuality. He says the Catholic Church is already wrestling with government mandates on abortion services and contraception and may have to close hospitals and charities as a result.

The ACLU has made a name for itself in challenging public displays or expressions of Christianity, but the group rarely defends Christians who allege they were denied their right to fee religious expression. Corsi said that should come as no surprise.

“The ACLU has been very hypocritical,” he said. “They will also support Islam in cases where the ACLU would never support a Judeo-Christian practice. Islam, as other religions, should have free expression in the United States, and I would expect Islam would be a tolerant religion of other religions in the public square. My point on the ACLU is that they rather hypocritically single out Islam to support it almost as a club against Judeo-Christian beliefs. All religions ought to be treated on an equal status. That’s what the First Amendment means.”

Corsi said this assault on traditional American values and the Christian faith are nothing new, and we see its effects in skyrocketing divorce rates, the legalization of abortion and other areas. But he said the battle can still be won.

“These impacts on society will have a fundamental change over time. I’m saying in the book we need to issue the warning. We need to have arguments made for God,” he said. “Certainly our Founding Fathers did not encourage us or want us to go down this path.  It’s been done before in human history.

“I think before we headlong plunge into a politically correct understanding of sexual practices and family behavior that would have been understood in the pagan world, we better give it some second thoughts. And we should have some advocates for God in the courts arguing for the original understanding of the Judeo-Christian model, the religion and the meaning of the First Amendment.”

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