White libs more racist than white supremacists

By Mychal Massie

One of the great truisms of the 21st century comes from the lips of Ann Coulter. Annie observes, “Liberals and white supremacists are the only people left in America who are neurotically obsessed with race.” I conclude the difference between the two is that white supremacists are honest enough to admit they’re racist.

Additionally, it’s the “race” references they obsess over that are so insulting. Let me make the following point crystal clear: White liberals are more racially bigoted than Louis Farrakhan or Jeremiah Wright. My position is not mere ipse dixit.

White liberal bigotry is an insidious form of racism that disguises itself as good intentions and sympathy when in reality it is based on a mentality of superiority. The white liberals believe themselves to be the plus ultra pursuant to knowing what is best for blacks, women and children.

White liberals do not hold blacks in any form of esteem in the least – quite the opposite. They begin all associations with blacks, such as they have, viewing them as intellectually and socially malnourished. They hold the mindset that blacks must be angry and aggrieved for past ills perpetrated upon their ancestors and carried on today at the hands of evil conservatives. And believe me when I tell you, one of the greatest affronts to white liberals is for a black person to have better grammatical skills than they have and to not be angry and filled with resentment.

I recall a recent incident in which a white liberal condescendingly told me I had used a word he didn’t know – as if I should feel bad for his ignorance. I recall a white liberal trying to insult my academic accomplishments as inferior to his because I hadn’t attended Lehigh University as he had. A white liberal managing editor told me that my opinions weren’t valid unless he said they were. I should write a short book naming names, dates and instances wherein white liberals have treated me with blatant contempt purely because I reject liberal ideology.

They will, however, readily accept that blacks have that “ancestral jungle thing” going on and that’s why blacks are better athletes. I make that point as one who has seven family members who were and/or are professional athletes, a family member who is a defensive coordinator in pro-football and a family member who is a defensive coach in Division 1 football.

To white liberals, blacks are a means to an end. They want to feel good about themselves. Helping po-po blacks is a form of religion to them. It assuages their “white guilt” and offers a means of repentance for the sins of their fathers and their personal secret feelings of superiority.

But their way of assuaging themselves of said sins is to embrace definitions of racism that are expansive to the point of their viewing verbiage such as “black clouds,” “black or dark moods” and often any other reference that uses the word “black” as a negative as evidence of racism and in some instances hate speech.

You will never hear a white liberal speak well of a black person who believes in meritocracy and who repudiates the idea that whites are guilty of anything more than working for a living like everyone else.

White liberals have with forethought and malice publicly savaged the most erudite and accomplished persons of color in the United States today precisely because they do not ascribe to self-segregation and victimology.

They publicly resent women who do not ascribe to the mentality of the feminist agenda. When have you heard a white liberal speak praisingly of a woman who is pro-family, anti-abortion and who openly advocates that wives treat their husbands with biblical respect?

White liberals are driven by grievances both real and imagined. Their solutions to problems they identify as injustices to blacks and inequality for women is to blame the historically white male establishment. Their solutions are reparations based, i.e., even if there were, in fact, one person injured as they define same, for them that is empirical evidence of a systemic racism and/or gender bias. Ergo, all persons of color and women are entitled to special dispensations based on a pandemic of social injustice.

I am prepared to argue that the only reason white liberals bow before Obama is because he is half-Kenyan with a Muslim name who harbors the deepest of resentment for traditional America. I would further argue that the only reason they embrace his wife is because she behaves in a way that is commensurate with their low opinions of blacks.

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