CNN's Carol Costello

The CNN news anchor perhaps best known for poking fun at the “strange leg crossings” of the female anchors on Fox News is now the victim of street crime, having been robbed by a black teenager in Atlanta.

WSB-TV reports Carol Costello was walking on Piedmont Avenue Thursday around 4:30 p.m. when some teens ran up to her from behind and snatched her iPhone while she was talking on it.

Costello said she lost sight of the robbers, but gave police a description of the one who snatched her phone.

He’s described as a black male with dark skin, around 5 feet 8 inches tall. He is skinny with black, curly hair. The teen was wearing a light gray or light blue sweatshirt with thin dark blue stripes.

Costello vented about the incident on her Facebook page Friday, saying:

Good Morning. In retrospect, what happened to me yesterday is insignificant in light of what happened in the Boston. Still, I feel the need to vent. And isn’t that what friends are for?

I was robbed. And I am angry. I was walking down a beautiful, leafy Atlanta street, talking on my IPhone.

Guess what happened next? Three teenagers ran up behind me. One of them grabbed my IPhone. Stupidly I struggled to hold on-to it. But, he was a big guy. And he pulled out a chunk my hair. I let go.

As he ran down the street, laughing, I hurled a few expletives his way. I felt no fear at the time, I was just angry. Now I’m angry, shaken and sad. What a lousy life those kids have ahead of them.

Turns out, according to ABC news: “cities across the country are on alert as officials warn of an uptick in stolen Apple products, dubbed “Apple picking.” Thieves steal IPhones, wipe them clean, then sell them for up to one-thousand bucks. So, a warning for you. Do not talk on your IPhone as you walk down the street. Oh, and let go of the stupid device if someone tries to steal it.

The public is flooding Costello with reaction on her Facebook page, with notes of sympathy as well as warning.

  • “I’m SO sorry to hear about your ordeal! As someone who was robbed at knifepoint by 2 teenagers myself, I can identify with how you feel, but the MAIN thing is that you are ALIVE, as material possessions can always be replaced. Bad things happen to GOOD people, just ask Jesus!” (Brian Springer)
  • “Remember your anger the next time you see a news story which blames crime on poverty or budget cuts or Zeus.” (David Harper)
  • “Shame you weren’t armed and then able to protect your property. These kids now think they can get away with this and who knows what will happen to the next person they attack.” (David Hunt)
  • “It could have been soooo much worse. You need to carry a firearm, period! So now it has happened to you, now maybe you understand why some people feel the way they do.” (Jason Thompson)
  • “This should help put it in perspective. At least you can be angry, those who lost their lives in Libya will never have that opportunity. All these fans feel sorry for you, yet you ignore those who gave their lives for you.” (Lawrence Ward)
  • “I love it, Carol. Now you “newspeople” will start reporting on what is really going on in America. Take off your BLINDERS, CAROL.” (Richard Stefan)

As WND reported last September, Costello became headline news when she took a poke at the way the women on the Fox News Channel cross their legs.

Costello had written on her Facebook page: “Good Morning! Each morning we are amazed at the excellent posture and strange ‘leg crossings’ on Fox’s early, early news. I have tried to get my legs to do that…but, it hurts. What can I say, it’s a slow Monday!”

The remark prompted a string of interesting responses on Facebook.

Adrian Freeman noted: “It must be real slow to be talking about Fox’s postures and legs. Maybe next you can talk about their flossing techniques.”

Donna DiMauro Wyko said, “Wow, why so ‘catty’ about the Fox ladies? Maybe because they are not only good looking but, also are intelligent and informed? Fox always presents both sides of their stories. Yes, there is a reason that they’re number 1 and it’s NOT because the ladies have long legs!”

David Nelson wrote, “Yeah, Fox does make sure the legs of the female hosts show. They don’t need such nonsense. I still prefer Fox and I wish they would have higher standards. It is a little distracting at times.”

And Andrew Markoff wondered, “How are we supposed to believe anything that you say if you can’t cross your legs just like that?”

Since the remark, country singer and songwriter Austin Cunningham released a video and song titled “The Girls on Fox News,” in which he celebrates both the beauty and brains of the female anchors on both the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network.

Watch and listen to the song by clicking on the video below:

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