WND has reported for years on misbehaving teachers, including the “Big List” of female teachers who have sexually assaulted students.

But in just the past few days there is a long list of new allegations, ranging from providing explicit material to students and same-sex rape to torture, kidnap, delivering drugs to students and rigging test scores for cash.

The disturbing series of reports starts in Utah, where a high school teacher is accused of sexually abusing a 17-year-old student.

Both are female.

The London DailyMail report said 24-year-old teacher Gaile Kristine Supp of Deseret, Utah, is accused of abusing the student in her West Haven home.

The Clearfield High School instructor allegedly invited the student to her home to help her with her homework, authorities said, but instead showed her a movie with a sex scene and then assaulted the student.

The charge filed against her was object rape.

Not many weeks earlier, a 26-year-old teacher, Nadia Diaz, escaped being jailed for having sex with a 15-year-old student after the student pleaded for her freedom.

See the “Big List” of teacher offenders.

The torture allegations came out of Indiana, where WLWT reported several high school track coaches were asked to resign.

Officials in Mill Creek Community School Corp. said they suspended several unidentified Cascade High School coaches after they allegedly ordered male and female team members to perform “bear crawls” on an asphalt running track.

That’s an exercise that requires students to walk on all fours, but WRTV-TV reported the students suffered blisters on their hands.

“They were all black, and these were really red and they hurt even right now,” said one student, referring to her blistered hands.

The coaches allegedly ordered the exercise because some students missed practice to attend a meeting related to the schools prom.

In California, authorities said they arrested a third-grade teacher at a Union City elementary after at least nine girls reported he had interacted with them inappropriately.

Police spokesman Ben Horner said Michael Howey, 47, was arrested on a long list of counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14 and even more counts of annoying and molesting a child.

The 14-year veteran of the New Haven Unified School District was jailed on $1.5 million bail after police said officers found a total of nine students with similar complaints.

In Atlanta, the motive apparently was profit.

Authorities said former Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall and several others pleaded not guilty to counts alleging they cheated on standardized tests.

Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter warned that the case could be so big and involve so many people that the judiciary may have to move proceedings to a larger building.

The former Atlanta educators are accused of artificially inflating test scores to gain bonus money and keep their jobs.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported a state investigation found educators cheated on the 2009 Criterion-Referenced Competency Test by erasing incorrect answers and prompting students to change them.

Charges in the case include racketeering, theft, making false statements and influencing witnesses. Estimates are that there could be more than 1 million pages of evidence.

In Alabama, the charge was kidnapping. Officials said in an AP report that high school teacher Jesse Mae Pollard of Northport, Ala., was being held without bond for allegedly kidnapping a 6-year-old girl.

The Jackson, Miss., Clarion-Ledger reported the suspect teaches nearby. He went to an elementary school, asked for a child by name and left with her. The allegations are that the teacher contacted the child’s mother and eventually let the child go.

In Denver, it was the use of a roll of tape that created trouble for a teacher.

According to the Associated Press, the second-grade teacher – whose name was not released – was accused of taping her students’ mouths shut.

Investigators said it happened at Fulton Academy in the Denver suburb of Aurora.

In Philadelphia, a teacher has gotten into serious trouble for providing a copy of an erotic book to a student to read in class.

Philip Aidoo, an instructor for Eastern University Academy Charter school, allegedly bought the “racy” “Fifty Shades of Grey” for a ninth-grade student.

NBC Philadelphia reports the student’s mother found the book in her son’s backpack and contacted the district.

School CEO Yvonne Turner confirmed the report and said from now on school officials will have to approve such items proposed for purchase.

In Florida, police allege that it started out with a text-message relationship between Stranahan High band director Martin Anthony Brown, 33, and a 17-year-old student. It didn’t end until there were “make-out sessions during school hours and marijuana-fueled sexual trysts at his Hollywood home.

The teacher has been charged with sexual assault and other counts.

Prosecutor Eric Linder said, “It appears he’s using his position as a teacher, as an authority figure that has a certain level of power over her … that can be in some ways equivalent to use of force.”

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel report about the case noted that over the past three years, “nearly a dozen teachers in Broward and Palm Beach counties have either been arrested for allegedly having sex with students, or been sentenced to terms ranging from two years of house arrest to 15 years in prison.”

In Utah, a student allegedly attacking an adult with tragic results.

The Salt Lake Tribune reported a 17-year-old soccer player apparently upset with a call by a referee, punched the 46-year-old man, Ricardo Portillo, in the side of the head.

The report Portillo became dizzy and sat down and began vomiting blood. Paramedics took him to a hospital.

The player was placed under arrest but not charged immediately as Portillo remained in a coma.


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