The Justice Department is continuing its promotion of the homosexual agenda and now commands managers to publicly affirm that agenda because “silence will be interpreted as disapproval,” but at least one legal group is threatening to sue if Attorney General Eric Holder is, in fact, intimidating and bullying the agency’s Christian workers into supporting homosexuality.

A DOJ employee forwarded written and electronic communication from the department that spelled out the pro-homosexual expectations of all employees.

“The brochure is a list, a series of dos and don’ts for managers in dealing with homosexuals and cross-dressing employees,” said Matt Barber, vice president for Liberty Counsel Action and director of cultural affairs at Liberty Counsel. Barber wrote about this development in his most recent weekly WND column.

In an email and brochure titled, “LGBT Inclusion at Work: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Managers,” employees were warned to verbally affirm homosexuality.

“DON’T judge or remain silent. Silence will be interpreted as disapproval,” the email read.

It also quoted a homosexual DOJ employee who said, “Silence seems like disapproval. There’s still an atmosphere of LGBT issues not being appropriate for the workplace (particularly for transgender people), or that people who bring it up are trying to rock the boat.”

Barber told WND, “It’s a complete violation of the First Amendment. Why should we be surprised? This is a Department of Justice, and indeed an Obama administration, that has shown nothing but disdain for the First Amendment.”

In addition, managers are urged to display pro-homosexual materials in their office, such as a DOJ “pride” sticker, to let homosexuals know that office is a “safe space.” They are also urged to attend LGBT events. Using terms like “husband” or “wife” is also discouraged in favor of terms like “spouse,” “partner” or “significant other.”

As for transgenders, affirmation is demanded for them as well. A transgender worker in the email is quoted as saying, “I want people to understand that I’m real. I want to be recognized as the gender I really am. … Just imagine if people were constantly debating YOUR bathroom privileges. Imagine how humiliating that would be.”

“So this is the DOJ picking sides, choosing sides, in a highly controversial, highly polarizing cultural debate and essentially threatening without proscribing specific punitive measures,” Barber said. “This is how clever they are. They know they can indirectly threaten any managers but if they included any specific threats the lawsuits would fly.

“It’s our position this is enough. This creates a chilling effect, not in the sense that it silences managers. This is even worse. This is a chilling effect in the sense that it bullies and intimidates managers to violate their conscience and speak positively about aberrant sexual behavior within the Department of Justice. It’s Orwellian that they would even think they would get away with doing this,” he said.

Barber also said this is an even more extreme example of how the homosexual lobby is not content with getting what it wants, but its intention is to demonize anyone who disagrees with it.

“This just illustrates the homosexual activist lobby’s insatiable appetite for absolute affirmation of something that I believe intuitively and they know in their hearts is wrong. It’s sin,” Barber said. “It’s immoral behavior. It’s unnatural behavior, and I believe they know that intuitively, so they have to compel others to affirm, even if they don’t agree with, their lifestyle choices.

“So this is really ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ in the sense that they have to affirm a delusion. I mean a man dressed as a woman, a woman dressed as a man, that that is actually a third or fourth or ninth or whatever kind of gender. It’s ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’ meets George Orwell,” Barber said.

Liberty Counsel is urging any Justice Department employees to share their stories of intimidation on this front. The group can be reached by phone at 800-671-1776 or by email.

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