“Can you please explain to me how ‘Darwinian evolution’ is different than ‘evolution and speciation via the laws of natural selection.”

We all believe in speciation and adaptation. Darwin often spoke if it, and we can see it all around us. Animals, insects, fish and even human beings adapt to their surroundings.

However, he also spoke of a change of “kinds,” or what he called change of “families.” He couldn’t find any observable and testable evidence for a change of kinds in nature or the fossil record, and neither can you. Darwinian evolution – a change of kinds – dinosaurs to chickens, whales to walking amphibians, etc., rests on nothing but blind faith, because it can’t be observed (it supposedly happened over millions of years). If you disagree, give me one example of observable evidence for it (the Scientific Method). Not hundreds of rabbit-trail links, not videos to watch – just one example that can be observed here and now – not over millions of years.

“Ray, can you point to one act of ‘good’ that no atheist can perform?” – Al E.

Sure. Let’s look at the command to love your neighbor as you love yourself. The word neighbor means any and every person. In the story Jesus told of what we call the “good” Samaritan, he wasn’t “good” at all. He just did that which God requires of us when we love our neighbor as ourselves. He found a beaten man, bathed his wounds, carried him to an inn, paid for his stay and said that if he spends any more he would pay the innkeeper the extra money. Let’s now see if you have done that by asking a few questions. Have you ever lied to another person or taken something that wasn’t yours? If you say that you have, then you haven’t loved your neighbor at all. You have lied to him and stolen from him. When we look closely, we will see that none of us have kept that commandment, and on the Day of Judgment we will find ourselves coming under God’s wrath for violating the law.

Never forget that the word “good” in God’s Book means “moral perfection.” We are guilty sinners through and through, heading for hell, but in Christ, God offers us heaven. If you are interested in everlasting life, check out www.needGod.com for more reasons why you need a savior.

“Ray, you are not intelligent enough to be an atheist. It requires reason, logic and an understanding of facts and the ability to see through logical fallacies. You possess none of those skills.” – Rick Mott

At the moment I am in a plane, 33,000 feet in the air, somewhere between Miami and Los Angeles. As I look around I see ordered seating, breath in air-conditioned air, see multiple TV screens, lighting, carpet and windows. Beyond my sight is a complexity of wiring that defies the imagination. What sort of fool would I be to believe that this plane had no maker; that it fell together from nothing, into a massive contraption that had the capability to supersede gravity and fly across the sky filled with human beings? I would be a candidate for the psychologist.

Now multiply that insanity a million times as you consider the earth’s air, its lighting, the birds, flowers, trees, giraffes, horses, cats, cows, dogs, frogs and hogs, all with male and female, all reproducing after their own kind. Think of the complexity of eyes, flies and guys, then consider the complexities of life that you can’t see, and you will get a glimpse of something you can see … that those who say that they are atheists and that they are intelligent atheists are delusional, in the truest sense of the word.

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