Obama’s verdict on presidency: ‘I should go home’

By Bob Unruh

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A forensic profiler whose career has included work on the double-murder case against O.J. Simpson and the Natalie Holloway disappearance says recent comments from Barack Obama reveal – again – that he believes his presidency is illegitimate.

Andrew G. Hodges, M.D., who wrote “The Obama Confession: Secret Fear, Secret Fury,” explained in an analysis of the president’s recent statements for WND that Obama keeps harping on a theme.

The comments included during a recent press conference, when “the press noted his unusual glum mood” and Obama wisecracked, “If you put it that way, maybe I should just pack up and go home.”

Wrote Hodges, “His super-intel sees the real issue of his illegal presidency and what he should do – leave office. Obama’s true moral compass cannot stop holding himself accountable even if Congress won’t. In fact, he directed further comments at them.”

Hodges explained that Obama told the press about members of Congress: “They’re elected. Members of Congress are elected in order to do what’s right for their constituencies and the American people.”

At that point, Obama said Congress “should be thinking about what is going to happen five years from now, 10 years from now, or 15 years from now. The only way to do that is for them to engage with me on coming up with a broader deal and that’s exactly what I’m trying to do.”

Hodges previously said Obama’s statement “I am not a dictator” actually meant, “I am the dictator president,” and concluded Obama unconsciously confessed to stealing the 2012 election.

On Hodges’ website, Steven A. Egger, associate professor of criminology at the University of Houston, Clear Lake, has written that Hodges’ technique is “becoming the cutting edge of forensic science.”

“Dr. Hodges’ investigation of forensic documents in the Natalee Holloway case indicates that his ‘thoughtprint decoding method’ and ‘reading between the lines’ is, in fact, becoming a major contribution to law enforcement tools used by criminal investigators,” wrote Egger.

Hodges is not new to the field, already having identified killers by studying ransom notes, emails, letters and police interviews to spot secret confessions. He decoded Simpson’s “suicide note” to confirm Simpson had committed a double murder. He deciphered the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note in Boulder, Colo., to identify the child’s killer. He decrypted letters from BTK to predict that he was about to kill again – the only profiler to do so. He studied statements by Joran van der Sloot and Deepak Kalpoe to tie them to the slaying of Holloway. He showed how Casey Anthony secretly confessed to killing her daughter in 200 letters written to a jail mate. He even decoded Bill Clinton’s comments about Monica Lewinsky.

See all the details in Hodges’ book “The Obama Confession.”

On Obama’s recent statements, Hodges said, “Obama’s images tell a continuing secret story. Unconsciously Obama wants America to get the big picture – of thinking about how his presidency is going to have a traumatic effect on our nation for years to come. He suggests Congress is not behaving properly – demonstrating a lack of responsibility and not doing their job. Note his preoccupation with Congress being elected (repeated twice) suggesting this whole matter is tied to being ‘truly elected.’

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“Congress has failed to take seriously the facts that legally he didn’t qualify for the presidency – and they are not doing what’s right for the American people. They’re not genuinely concerned about America’s safety implying again he’s a dangerous president in his continual attacks on the Constitution and beyond,” he said.

“We must not miss how deep down – from event to event, speech to speech – Barack Obama desperately continues confessing to American about violating our sacred Constitution as an illegal president,” Hodges continued, “Secretly his unconscious super intelligence continually looks at his huge deception, a guilty perpetrator constantly seeing his crime ever before him, a modern day ‘Lady Macbeth’ who cannot wash an egregious misdeed of ‘blood-stained’ hands.”

Other indicators?

When Congress declined to adopt Obama’s gun control agenda and Obama “exploded by noting his opponents ‘willfully lied about the bill.’ (Can you ever recall a president labeling congressional opponents ‘liars?’)”

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It was all politics, Obama alleged. Further, he claimed “this was a pretty shameful day for Washington.”

“Read his images with his super intelligence – literally a thousand times quicker than his conscious mind – looking dead-on at his illegal presidency. We find the cohesive message that Obama willfully lied about his legal qualifications for president, that truly the only reason for Congress and the media not checking out his background came down to politics – truly a shameful event for those in power in Washington. Attempting to cover up his guilt Obama shouts loudly about others, his super-intelligent ‘right-brain’ giving him away as his images fit perfectly with his secret confession, his striking ‘liars’ comment reflecting the ongoing pressure he’s under to come clean,” Hodges said.

Interestingly, Hodges notes, attorney Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, continues a court battle over Obama’s origins and eligibility to occupy the Oval Office.

Klayman’s appeal is before Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, who is known as a strict constitutionalist, Hodges said. Also, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Lt. Mike Zullo continue with plans to present additional evidence for fraud and forgery regarding Obama’s birth certificate matter and illegal presidency, he said.

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