Texas Boy Scout massacre

By Linda Harvey

By Linda Harvey

Condom training, cross-dressing troop members and lessons on “homophobia”: Welcome to the new, improved Boy Scouts of America.

The BSA just voted to embrace open homosexual attraction among boys. Boys can identify as “gay” and announce it to the whole troop, and this is now supposed to be OK.

The vote in Texas was 61 percent in favor. Yet about a year ago, the Scout organization strongly reaffirmed its long-standing ban on open homosexuality. That declaration resulted from a two-year review, and the group claimed parents drove its decision. What happened? Why the schizophrenia? Did some alien force take over the Scouts later in 2012? And who could now trust this leadership on anything with such an adulterous track record?

Well, “gay activism” happened, and the pressure was apparently too much. It just goes to show you how much influence this lobby has, with tactics that increasingly resemble childish middle-school bullies morphing into terrorists. And Boy Scout parents and leaders who actually believe the pink mafia will stop here are beyond naïve.

It’s a reality that many BSA parents are not at all tuned in to the abuses of the militant homosexual movement, so they have no idea how bad this could get. Adult homosexuals will be allowed to head up troops within a very short time, again because homosexual groups like the Human Rights Campaign are already demanding this. And expect at that point an influx of openly and proudly “gay” troop leaders.

The homosexual lobby will also demand that cross-dressing girls be allowed. And/or cross-dressing boys. “But this has always been an all-boys organization! That won’t change!” Oh, really? Define “boy.” If you even try, you are a non-inclusive bigot.

The flagrant “out” behavior America’s sons will encounter is one thing, but the homosexual lobby will also make all kinds of indoctrination demands. “You must have materials to teach LGBT inclusion!” “You must teach safe sex and condom use!” “You must teach about homophobia!”  (Translation: Teach them to hate and distrust anyone who doesn’t bow before every “gay” claim or demand.)

They have power now, they will use it and it won’t be done responsibly. It won’t be child-friendly and it will cost the families of America.

As time rolls on, there will be incidents of abuse. Will the Boy Scout organization report these? Let’s not kid ourselves. They just showed how compromised/intimidated/clueless they are. Expect cover-up upon cover-up in the future, eventually resembling the Catholic Church scandal.

And sadly, many parents have no clue, thinking, what’s the harm? Where’s the threat? An openly homosexual 12 year old in my son’s troop – what’s the big deal? They don’t know the possible risks, because compromised churches have bought the lie and are too sheltered to know what they are dealing with. Some churches will pull out, though, and praise God for these!

If you leave your son in the Boy Scouts, you have just sent him a huge unspoken message: Homosexual behavior isn’t so bad, and people probably are born that way – like he keeps hearing. So, he will process it this way: “I should accept it. And if my instincts are telling me otherwise, I must be a bad person, like the hateful people they keep telling me to ignore.”

That would be mostly Christians, those who trust the Bible, not current trends, and who don’t hate anyone, but know that this is an avoidable and unnatural behavior. And we are speaking out about it, and for daring to have a different view, we are getting maligned in vicious ways by, again, the tolerant and inclusive “gay” lobby and its allies.

The climate of assent will erode each boy’s code of ethics, either quickly or slowly, but it will happen. It will erode the Christian boy’s reliance on Scripture, his relationship with the real, living Almighty God and our Savior Jesus Christ. If he begins to doubt that God actually is our Creator, the One who decided long ago what is good and what is evil, and did condemn homosexual behavior as a sin, and if he is lulled into failing to use the brain God gave him to observe that two men together is observably wrong, this is a boy who is being enabled in truth denial. He is then vulnerable to all kinds of other corruption and, without an anchor, is really no different than any un-Scouted kid in our rudderless society.

It’s truly heartbreaking to watch the morals of a revered institution disintegrate in this way, and know that children will be corrupted as a result. America, how did we get here?

The statement coming out of the Boy Scout organization said that even though they knew this would be controversial, “We can all agree that kids are better off in scouting.” Well, not true.

This statement is just as naive and foolish as the proposal itself. No, we can’t all agree that boys are better in scouting, not now. Knowledgeable parents will move their boys at the earliest possible time to a much better organization. Why? Because many, if not most, troops will quickly become homosexuality affirming climates either in theory or in real-time practice.

This is a vote of weakness and a slam on authentic boyhood and manhood.

Folks, whatever the motivation for this move, it’s insane. Troops are not supposed to be social experiments or, possibly, therapy centers for troubled boys who may be leaning toward homosexuality. Kids who have same-sex attractions can change and often do by adulthood. But it is not healthy or right to involve other children with these very personal struggles as confused boys are figuring all this out, or in some cases, not figuring it out.

The good news is, in coming months, we will be hearing about new alternatives to the Boy Scouts. Other options exist now, but new ones are likely to spring up as parents find responsible places for their sons to truly learn the values of a high-morality, boys’ youth organization, including a pledge for boys to be authentically, morally straight.

Friend, please pray for the young men of America as many chart a new course.

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