This isn’t a scandal. America is fighting for its life.

Anyone who lived within a 200 mile radius of Chicago while growing up would know that moving the Chicago mob to Washington, D.C., and the White House would “fundamentally transform” us into a Nazi-like hell hole where the strong (politically connected) take what they want and destroy all opposition. It is a hallmark of such people that they use the resources of the entities they have corrupted to do their bidding.

Calls by outraged citizens for “resignations” make me want to puke. Are those peddling these calls really so stupid they don’t realize such fired Nazis simply go on to a Soros-funded leftist stink-tank, where they bide their time until another mobster employs them elsewhere? Or they become union thugs paid by the state or school district to plot the next election victory, rather than do the job they were hired to perform. That is “public service” today.

John Boehner got one thing right in a recent interview. He said he wasn’t so much interested in who is getting fired. He wants to know who is going to prison.

Crimes of political intimidation, whether committed by the president of the United States or a union flunkie simply trying at taxpayer expense to re-elect that president, have to be met with disproportional force, lest the host organism die.

The IRS issues are even worse. Intimidation under color of authority is a serious offense under almost all jurisdictions. It is almost never prosecuted, because government hates prosecuting government. This kind of thing (Nuremberg, only following orders, kill how many Jews today, sir?) only stops when low-level flunkies calculate the chance of 10 years in prison is more likely than a promotion and the boss’ gratitude.

Anyone who thinks giving the low-level flunkies immunity for testifying against their bosses will cure this is delusional. You’ve just confirmed the flunkies’ mindset: I did it and I got off anyway!

No. The low-level flunky needs to rot in prison. When his fellow flunkies see this, it will make a walk to the inspector general’s office much easier than compliance with bad direction.

Do I think this will happen? I have no idea. Washington has been a culture of corruption for many years now. Each of us gets all the representation we pay for with campaign contributions. The mob in D.C. was just more patrician and less brazen than the rival Chicago branch. The self-imagined elites feel entitled to some payback for all their “service” to the nation. Chicago wants every last drop of blood from everyone.

Make no mistake, America. The mob has its foot on your throat. The 2012 election was a raft of Chicago excrement, spread over the entire country and oozing out of its institutions. Mitt Romney needs to have a talk with the ghost of his father some evening over a few too many alcoholic beverages and a good Cuban cigar. Then he needs to call a press conference and demand a new election. Let’s see if Obama’s 32 percent majority elects him a third time. Paging Jimmy Carter, election monitors please come to the head of the voting line. Paging President Carter.



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