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The dawn of the 'M-word'

Yes, it would be peachy if everyone could “just get along.” As the product of a mixed-race marriage who was raised to discern character rather than appearance or creed, I consider myself to be quite tolerant, despite recent accusations to the contrary. The reality of coexistence, however, remains the same as it has been since human beings lived in caves. It’s a coin toss as to whether that tribe on the other side of the river – no different than their neighbors on this side – will determine to coexist, or to attempt to dominate, enslave, or even kill the ones over here.

Nations – unless they have lost their collective mind – always act in their own self-interest. I am not here to act as an apologist for American foreign policy; as a society directed by human beings, we have probably made as many mistakes in our foreign policy as we have in our domestic policy. Suffice it to say that the United States of America has done far more to contribute to the liberty and tranquility of other nations than we have to harm them, especially when compared to history and our contemporaries of equivalent power and influence. Indictments to the contrary are simply well-crafted propaganda I have personally resolved not to dignify with argument any longer.

Since the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, several contentious issues have concurrently come to the fore. Immigration, national security and the Second Amendment all came into play with regard to the bombing, manhunt and standoffs that ultimately ended with one bomber dead and one in custody. The Obama administration’s alleged transparency is also a factor, as they continue to obstruct justice and obfuscate pertaining to the narrative.

And then we have the problem of Islam itself. The obvious antipathy Muslims hold for America, the actions of jihadis and the divided opinion of Americans (brought about by the efforts of radicals, Muslim activists, the press and the Obama administration itself) have conspired to bring about a dangerous level of tension.

I’ve had a crash course in this phenomenon, so to speak, having made a controversial comment online concerning Muslims on the day the bombing occurred. Muslims and many sympathetic (read “deluded”) Americans took great offense. What I find interesting is the fact that out of the tens of thousands of death threats, hate tweets, emails and so forth, not one person wrote to tell me that they were Muslim, but love America, and condemn Islamist terrorism.

Not one.

A lot of Muslims have informed me that I need to “learn about Islam” (what they think I’ve been doing over the last 12 years, I’m not quite sure). They say that Islam is all about peace, love and coexistence. When pressed, however, it eventually comes back around to America having bullied and murdered Muslims all around the world, and that Muslims have good reason to hate us. Pressed further, and once again they’re calling for death to America and Israel, and expressing a desire to murder me in some unnatural manner.

So it appears that while many of these people are willing to engage in taqiyya (the practice of deceiving infidels in order to defend the faith), openly condemning another Muslim (no matter his character or actions) or swearing allegiance to America somehow offends their sensibilities.

The dirty little secret is that Christians in the Muslim world are suffering exponentially more than any Muslim in the West suffers. One doesn’t have to look very far to find some of the most horrible atrocities imaginable being perpetrated against Christians by Muslims in the Third World – but one does have to look, since the dhimmified Islamophiliac press won’t touch it.

In general, Islamic activism appears to be undergoing yet another resurgence, of which I believe the Boston Bombing was a part. The cries of Islamophobia following the Boston bombing are, I believe, in part a distraction from this very fact.

In Egypt, where lawlessness and Christian persecution rule the day, there has been an upsurge in the practice of Hiraba, a form of Islamic vigilantism that is practically satanic in its dark barbarity. In these instances, gangs of low-rent Dr. Mengeles ritualistically torture some perceived offender (for being a Christian, or having had a beer or something) prior to publicly executing him.

Recently, a few news services have carried the story of Indonesian Muslims accused of beheading three Christian girls a few years ago. The most recent piece focused on the fact that one of the murderers was acquitted.

I have no wish to persecute Muslims, and I would certainly rather we had not arrived at this juncture, but they have alienated themselves from Americans, not the reverse. Denying that Islam is the problem, rather than “Islamic extremism” or some such designation, is simply denying the ways of the world and human nature – something at which those on the political left excel.

“Muslim” has become the new “N-word,” and one can scarcely say it these days without being accused of bigotry. This is but a precursor to Europe’s insane social policies, which have culturally emasculated native populations.

I don’t know what kind of psychology it takes to condone armies of angry primitives howling across your country and calling for your death, but I for one intend to have no part of it.