So let me get this right. Dr. Kermit had the legal right to butcher a little baby by any method, however hideous, and even to torture her first by not administering an anesthetic, as long as she was still in her mother’s womb. But he killed three babies once they had been born alive, so he is a murderer.

Science tells us a new life begins at the moment of conception, not at two weeks or 10 weeks or 24 weeks or nine months less one day or some other arbitrary timespan plucked out of the air. The law ought to follow science and logic in saying that any taking of human life, from conception to resurrection, is unlawful. Period.

And which political faction is it that favors and promotes abortion? The left.

The climate scam is a series of connected scientific frauds perpetrated by organized crime and calculated to enrich the few at the expense of the many by tampering with data and faking results to turn a likely modest and beneficial warming into a bogus Apocalypse.

Look at the graph. In red is what the warming U.N. scientists say should have happened in the 100 months since January 2005, at a rate equivalent to somewhere between 2 and 6.5 degrees Fahrenheit (central projection 4 F°) per century. In blue, the cooling that actually has happened, trending downward at a rate equivalent to 0.5 degree Fahrenheit per century.

I’ll be posting an updated graph here at WND every month, just as soon as the two satellite temperature records for the previous month become available. That will stop the left’s lies about “ever-faster warming.”

Which political faction is it that says global warming is worse than we ever thought, and devotes more of its Inaugural Address to the non-problem of man’s influence on the climate than to anything else, including the crippling federal debt? The communist left.

Since my column a week ago on the federal debt and the impending collapse of the United States, seven days, or 168 hours, or 10,000 minutes, or 600,000 seconds, have passed. Every 45 seconds, Black Jesus borrows another million dollars, much of it from China. That’s getting on for $15 billion every week, or the best part of a trillion a year.

And he prints another trillion a year, diluting and debasing the value of the dollar so fast that China is getting restive because the dollars it has lent to Uncle Sam will be worth a tiny fraction of today’s value when – or, rather, if – Uncle Sam ever gets around to repaying them.

Which political faction is it that makes a virtue out of borrowing so that it can buy votes with other people’s money, and printing money so that it can pay back less than it borrowed, and to blazes with America and her future? The hard, flinty-faced left.

Which political faction is it that cares so little for those upon whom it lavishes the taxpayer’s involuntary generosity that it has taken no thought for what will happen to those people, many of whom have become helplessly dependent, when China wises up and stops lending to keep Soetero afloat, and the money to pay their handouts is gone? The left.

Which political faction is it that hates and fears democracy so much that it fiddles the electoral system on so large a scale that without the stuffed ballot boxes The Amateur would never have gotten into the White House first time around, let alone fool us twice? The left.

Which political faction is it that is most eager to sign away America’s democracy by making international treaties that transfer real political power and wealth from elected hands nationally to unelected hands globally? The left.

Which political faction is it that relentlessly punishes success and rewards failure? That puts its fraudulent “birth certificate” on the White House website? That supports so-called “gay” so-called “marriage”? That detests the family? That hates religion? That wants to strip Christian religious symbols from public buildings? That plots and schemes to take all mention of God out of everything from the Pledge of Allegiance to the Gettysburg Address? The left. The left. The left.

Last week’s column, in which I described the coming collapse of the dollar, provoked a huge response from all around the world. People wondered how America could have been brought so very low so very fast.

The central reason is the sheer, in-your-face immorality of the left. It is not that they do not know the difference between right and wrong. They know it full well. They consciously, deliberately, willfully choose the wrong and not the right.

Perhaps the severest indictment of the left is that they have created almost nothing since Karl Marx laid down his pen. They are a vicious, nasty, nihilistic, purely destructive force. They do not do harm by accident. They do it by design. They create nothing. They destroy everything. They want America to fail, just as fervently I want her to succeed. If they fail, America will succeed. Count on it.


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