Under President Obama, Americans’ liberties are being neutralized at a mind-blowing pace, and thanks largely to the establishment press, most Americans are still too addled to see that tyranny is coming to America. The methods the Obama administration has been using to bring this about appear pretty transparent to some of us, but practically imperceptible to others.

Since 2009, some have maintained that Obama has dangerously compromised, sabotaged and subverted this nation on more levels than I have room to list here. Those of us who were aware that Obama and his cronies are in fact actualizing the century-long dream of Marxist radicals’ for a totalitarian America said so – and we were ridiculed. We described it as it began to take shape under our noses – and we were ridiculed. We pointed out the Marxist character of countless Obama policy maneuvers, Democrat-sponsored bills, regulations, recess appointments and executive orders – and we were ridiculed even more. Each and every example we brought to light also brought the ridicule of the press and mincing liberal twerps at large.

Now the Obama administration finds itself embroiled in a record number of scandals, at least one of which makes Nixon and Watergate look like jaywalking. The administration has seen scandals before – but all foregoing ones were effectively quashed by the press and the administration itself.

Then came the attack on the Libyan embassy in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Although the administration was able to forestall scrutiny until after Obama’s re-election, for once there appeared to be people willing to come forward with the truth and a handful in Congress willing to pursue the same. So many Americans had reason to be optimistic, if guardedly so.

On the heels of hearings into Benghazi however, came the two scandals that changed the game: the systematic targeting of conservative nonprofit groups for undue bureaucratic scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service and the systematic targeting of journalists for clandestine investigation by the Department of Justice.

So why were these latter two scandals different?

Without question, the IRS scandal was significant because of the depth and breadth of the bureau’s power and the fact that its action and influence affects each and every American. In the case of the Associated Press debacle, the Obama-worshiping press was forced to realize that – like every entity, individual or corporate – it was no more than a tool to be used, abused and if necessary, summarily discarded. Suddenly, that neighborhood fence-hopping dog started doing his business in their backyard, and they took offense.

A conceit perhaps, but better late than never, I always say …

Earlier this week, it was announced that a House committee was looking into whether or not Attorney General Eric Holder misled Congress when he testified on May 15 regarding the DOJ obtaining journalists’ personal records. While I realize that this is gratifying to a lot of folks’ sense of justice, it occurs to me that there is nothing to investigate. Appearing before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15, Holder testified that he’d had no involvement in the process. The video record of his testimony was viewed by millions of Americans. Last weekend, the DOJ revealed that Holder himself had signed off on paperwork that allowed the Justice Department to search the personal email of Fox News reporter James Rosen.

The fact that Holder lied has thus been demonstrated unequivocally. He is criminally liable with respect to lying to Congress, period. Likewise, we have seen nothing but obfuscation and denial from every official connected with the IRS scandal.

What is essential in the big picture is not that people realize how dirty some of those in the administration are. This is important, but the imperative is that people come to grips with the fact that the messianic figure they were sold in 2008 doesn’t only fall short – but that he is a nightmare of historic proportions. It is my sincere hope that the press – and subsequently a preponderance of Americans – will now see the abject madness that people such as myself have been railing against for four years.

It is madness to ignore the aggregate of evidence against Obama just because a lot of people want to believe that he’s a good guy. It is madness to ignore all of the evidence that shows us very clearly going down the road of every other civilized nation that has descended into tyranny. It is madness to ignore the evidence that speaks to Obama having deliberately and willfully sabotaged our economy, even as he continues to do so. It is madness to ignore his cozy and very open relationships with America’s sworn enemies. It is madness to ignore that we pretty much have the framework for an entire totalitarian state build right into Obamacare, the president’s crowning achievement.

And it’s madness to ignore that these things did not come about until one Barack Hussein Obama became president.

Although the media are starting to pay attention to certain “irregularities” of government, I pray that those who are not too ideologically kindred with Obama learn how criminal this administration truly is and act accordingly, as opposed to letting the president simply sacrifice a few key operatives and continue to play out his diabolical game.

Let Americans of conscience continue to exercise our influence, so that any honest elements of the press (as well as our neighbors) wake up enough to these truths. Let them also wake up to the fact that the leaders and regimes Obama and his closest advisers grew up admiring are the ones that committed some of the worst atrocities in modern history, and that in any administration, the tone is set from the top.

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