Bachmann confronts Boehner

By Garth Kant

WASHINGTON — Rep. Michele Bachmann has a plan to stop an amnesty bill from sneaking through the House of Representatives like a “Trojan horse.”

She and other conservative lawmakers are pressing fellow Republican and Speaker of the House John Boehner, R-Ohio, to pledge to abide by the “Hastert rule.”

That is the understanding which requires a majority of fellow party members in the House of Representatives support legislation before it is allowed to make it to the floor.

Why is that so important when it comes to amnesty and an immigration bill?

In an exclusive interview with WND, Bachmann explained how an immigration bill approving amnesty could make it through the Republican-controlled House without the approval of most GOP lawmakers.

She said the House will likely approve a bill blocking amnesty but it will then go to a conference committee to reconcile it with a Senate bill allowing amnesty.

“The good guts of the Trojan horse bill will be pulled out,” she said. “The very bad amnesty provisions will be put in the bill. The bill will go to the House floor, and it won’t be Republicans that pass it.

“It’ll be Nancy Pelosi leading all the House Democrats to vote for it, and just enough Republicans will vote for the bill and you’ll have amnesty,” predicted Bachmann.

To prevent that, Bachmann isn’t just pressing Boehner to stick to the Hastert rule, she wants her colleagues to band together to stop the “Trojan horse” of amnesty.

“We have asked the Speaker of the House if we could have a special conference just dealing with this issue of amnesty for illegal aliens,” she told WND.

The Blaze reports she and 70 Republican House members plan to petition Boehner to hold that meeting.

Bachmann says she wants to educate her colleagues who joined the House after 2007 as to what happened when Congress considered an amnesty provision back then.

“I am very nervous that just to get a deal you’ll see people caving on the Republican side. That’s a disaster,” she told WND.

Bachmann explains her plan in this video clip.

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“What we’re trying to do is get a special conference so we can actually give knowledge to our members. There’s two times the phone lines melted because the American people were so angry about a bill. One was Obamacare, but an even higher level of intensity than Obamacare was illegal immigration, amnesty. This was John McCain’s bill in 2007. The country was livid and outraged.”

Bachmann says the bill now in the Senate is essentially the same as the one in 2007.

Comments made by Boehner to ABC news this week might explain why she is anxious to see that he abide by the Hastert rule.

“I’ve allowed the House to work … well, more than any speaker in modern history, to the point where there are some bills that have passed with a majority of Democrats in favor, and a minority of Republicans,” Boehner said.

Since Bachmann and her colleagues expressed their concerns Thursday about an amnesty bill passing in the House, Boehner responded, ““My goal is always to bring bills to the floor that have a strong Republican majority.”

“I don’t intend to bring an immigration bill to the floor that violates what I and what my members of my party … what our principles are,” he added

In her interview with WND, Bachmann expressed skepticism about the intentions of leaders in both parties.

“I think the master plan of the ruling class that runs Washington, D.C., is to ram this bill through before the American people know what has hit them and before members of Congress even know what has hit them.”

Bachamnn said there is only one person who can stop the master plan and that person is “you.”

“I’m just telling WND viewers that if you sit this one out and you don’t start hitting the phone lines and email, calling and visiting your representatives now and saying, ‘No amnesty now, no amnesty ever,’ we’re going to have perpetual amnesty for illegal immigration.”

Americans will get an opportunity to express their views on amnesty next week. A tea party rally will be held at the Capitol on Wednesday beginning at 9:00 in the morning.

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