Economist, columnist, radio host and international conference speaker Jerry Robinson is says the 2013 economic outlook includes more volatility.

On his “Follow the Money Weekly” program this week he discusses several factors that can contribute to sudden changes.

Among those are the pressure that now is on the global economy, the factors in the real estate market that affect personal wealth such as mortgage rates, what the joint military training experiment by China and Russia means, what the scandal about the government invading Americans’ privacy means and what the Federal Reserve is doing.

Robinson also addresses specific issues raised by listeners, such as how to develop a retirement account and just exactly why is gasoline still $4 a gallon even though oil prices have dropped.

Tom Cloud comes to the microphone to deliver the latest precious metals market update – where palladium is the topic of the day, and then certified financial planner Jay Peroni looks at investments.

He notes that one company worth watching is Cracker Barrel, which has averaged an annual gain of more than 27 percent for the past five years.

And John Bearss’ Retirement Minute reveals how nine out of 10 Americans age 65 and older receive Social Security benefits.

He addresses concerns over how much Americans rely on that.

Podcast is :55:42.

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Jerry Robinson is an economist, published author, columnist, radio talk show host, and international conference speaker. Robinson has been quoted as an economic authority by USA Today, FoxNews and many other news agencies. His columns have appeared regularly in numerous print and web publications, including WND. In addition, Robinson is also the editor-in-chief of the popular economic newsletter, “Follow the Money Quarterly.”

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