I very seldom watch major network television, but last week I had the extreme displeasure of viewing an installment of ABC News’ “What Would You Do?” The show is hosted by news veteran John Quinones and features what might be considered staged moral dilemmas played out in a public setting.

Segments consist of actors playing out morally ambivalent vignettes in public places (like restaurants, laundromats, etc.), challenging bystanders to intervene, or not to intervene, based on their level of mortification and, I suppose, their courage. One past segment featured an actor making disparaging remarks about homosexual unions in a restaurant, directly challenging other individuals present who supported same. The confrontations end with John Quinones revealing himself à la “Candid Camera” and interviewing the bystander participants. The show clearly if insidiously conveys an uber-liberal worldview, if you hadn’t guessed already. I also can’t help but wonder if the title is a subtle mockery of the popular “What Would Jesus Do” adage, but I digress.

Another segment depicted a young white male (actor) refusing service in an establishment wherein he was to be waited on by a young Muslim man. Using language and behavior befitting someone with a severely sloping forehead, he was blatantly rude and offensive, finally inciting others around him to suggest he take his business elsewhere.

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The objective of “What Would You Do?” is twofold, of course: To engender widespread sympathy for those with whom the left wishes Americans to sympathize, and to portray people of a more traditional worldview as possessing severely sloping foreheads.

As I have said, I believe that Islam has proven itself to be dangerous and wholly incompatible with Western culture. Still, I encounter Muslims all the time, and excluding those who have already read my commentary on the subject, I haven’t given any reason to believe I harbor antipathy toward them. I also wonder where the other throwbacks such as myself who do act like the antagonist in “What Would You Do?” actually are. I certainly don’t know anyone who would behave in the overtly bigoted manner showcased in that program.

I realize that my observations are academic; this is simply the perception television networks wish to convey.

Returning to Planet Earth, the reality is somewhat different. As liberals train us in how to kneel with our behinds in the air – but for quite a different reason than Muslims do so – we are also admonished to blithely ignore Muslim attacks on American soil, attacks on Americans abroad and the sworn enmity spewed forth by terrorists, mullahs and imams on a daily basis.

There’s also the indisputable global push of Islamists, both in the militant and political spheres, to supplant the law of nations with Shariah law. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), a 57-member-state organization, approved new methods to silence and ultimately criminalize criticism of Islam at a recent summit. European nations have long since capitulated to the demands of Muslims they saw fit to import for some unfathomable reason. They are paying the price for that now, as evidenced in rioting and demonstrations across that continent, as well as the regular gang-rape of their women and occasional murder of soldiers by Muslim fanatics.

In America, among the many destructive policies of President Barack Hussein Obama, he has included a campaign of placing Muslim Brotherhood operatives in key government positions. Notably of late, there has been inordinate deference paid to Islam in the military and the Pentagon, and an inversely proportional persecution and marginalization of Christian personnel at all levels. National defense protocols and training have been stultified due to the influence of Muslims in official capacity in the Pentagon and the Department of Homeland Security. Mosques, which serve as bases of operation for terrorists, have been off-limits to routine law enforcement surveillance efforts under the Obama administration.

So, while one hand (law enforcement) is ostensibly working toward hampering Islamist activities, the other (the administration itself) sabotages that very effort. The interplay of this curious dynamic obviously comes to light when you have such occurrences as the Boston Marathon bombing or the Fort Hood massacre.

All the while, Obama holds to the myth that the Muslims he employs, and others who defame America at every turn, are just as patriotic as you or I.

It is more than a little perverse that the people of “The Great Satan” America are being held to pay for the actions of its ruling elites, who lent that “Satanic” quality to our nation in the first place. The position of having to defend ourselves against our own government and its enemies is certainly not enviable, but I still believe it is a winnable proposition.

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