Hollywood and TV celebrities like Sylvester Stallone – of “Rambo” fame and his most recent “Bullet to the Head” film – have repeatedly urged Americans to demand passage of new gun-control laws.

But does that sound like hypocrisy, coming from movie stars who have made millions shooting people on screen and who hire armed bodyguards?

It does to Colion Noir.

Noir, who also calls himself “The Urban Gun Enthusiast,” is one of the National Rifle Association’s newest video news commentators.

In a video called “Hollywood Hypocrites,” Noir blasts the celebrities of the silver screen for “shooting people in the face with machine guns” during their work week, then pushing for gun-control laws on their weekends.

“No one’s saying celebrities can’t have an opinion,” Noir states, “but hypocrisy is hypocrisy.

“These celebs literally use people with guns to protect themselves, but are trying to tell us we can’t use guns to protect ourselves,” he continues. “You can’t be pro-body guard with a gun for you and anti-gun for us. It just doesn’t make any sense.”

His message concludes with a zinger: “Your opinion against guns means nothing when you built your fortune based on the glorification of violence.”

Watch the video commentary itself at the top of this article.

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