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How to stop jihad in its tracks

In recent weeks, abject intel failures in America, Britain and France have proved deadly. Associated Press reported that at the “Boston Marathon, in the streets of London and in the shadow of one of Paris’ most recognizable monuments,” Muslims “carried out jihadi attacks with little help, using inexpensive, widely available knives and explosives from everyday ingredients. In each of the attacks, suspects had previously been flagged to law enforcement and deemed not to be a priority.”

A French government report that has just recently been released shows the breadth of this intelligence failure. A French academic, Mathieu Guidere, explained that the West’s intelligence agencies were “not originally made for fighting against this kind of threat. They’re intended to fight against cells, against groups, against organizations, but not against individuals. It’s a question of adapting. That’s why there are the same errors in Boston, London and France. There was identification – but not detention – before the suspects passed into the realm of action.”

However, David Omand, Britain’s former security and intelligence coordinator, disagreed, saying that “no reliable psychological test or checklist has been devised that can predict when such an individual may tip over into actually taking violent action. Short of a police state on East German lines the number of such individuals who can be subject to very intensive surveillance sufficient to detect preparations for violent action is but a small proportion of the total – and of course individuals can flip quickly even where they have been checked out previously.”

It’s true that Western intelligence officials don’t have a “reliable psychological test or checklist” to ferret out jihadists, whether or not one can be devised. France’s highest security official, Manuel Valls, complained that the Paris jihad attacker “simply didn’t ‘fit the profile of a jihadist.'”

I disagree. All of the Muslims involved in these attacks absolutely fit the profile of an operational jihadist. The question is, who determines what the profile of a jihadist is? Are intelligence officials in Britain, France and the United States consulting with experts on jihad like Robert Spencer or Ibn Warraq? No. So of course they get it wrong. Barack Obama scrubbed all counter-terror materials and training of jihad and Islam – how can an accurate profile of a jihadist be rendered by American intelligence officials? Last week, Obama recommended that to prevent “violent extremism” inspired by violent jihadists, intel agencies must work with Muslim groups (the same groups that work to dismantle counter-jihad programs) “to identify signs of radicalization and partner with law enforcement when an individual is drifting toward violence.”

Historically, they oppose us. They protest our freedom rallies. The Daily Mail reported Monday that the jihad murderer Mujahid Adebolajo “was among hundreds of young Muslims who gathered outside Harrow Central Mosque in North-West London” on Sept. 11, 2009, so as to “‘defend’ it against a planned joint protest by the English Defence League and Stop the Islamisation of Europe group.” The jihad murderer was protesting our group – in the company of numerous Muslim “moderates” who deplored our “Islamophobia.”

But where are their protests, beyond simple press statements, against how the Islamic jihadists have used the texts and teachings of Islam to justify the jihad murders in Boston and London? Where are the protests against the Quranic texts and teachings that command jihad? This is who Obama is advising us to count on?

The mainstream jihad-sympathizing AP is reporting that in the wake of the Boston, London and Paris attacks in the past month intelligence agencies are struggling to access red flags.

It is not difficult. We outline the program in our AFDI 18-point platform:

If these steps were implemented, the jihad in the West would be stopped in its tracks.