Unless you live in Virginia, you may not know the name Martha Boneta.

She’s a farmer in rural Fauquier County, an hour west of Washington. In 2009, the Piedmont Environmental Council began trying to rezone her property because of several “violations” the busybodies allegedly found. They threatened to sue her.

They settled their dispute in 2011, but the fuss had, by that time, led the county planners to change the zoning laws to ban Boneta’s sale of fruit, vegetables, beverages and crafts from her on-site store. That change turned Boneta into a property rights activist.

“The Boneta Bill,” also known as “the right to farm act,” was passed by the House of Delegates 77-22 in February and was blocked from approval in the Senate until at least next year.

That’s where things start getting interesting on a national level.

Here’s a freedom fighter – one of those citizen-warriors who won’t take no for an answer. She battled environmental zealots and county planners so she could continue doing what she loved with her property. So what happened next?

She got audited by the Internal Revenue Service – like so many other conservative and constitutional activists who refused to yield to unlimited government.

But it gets even more interesting when you find out who sits on the council that battled with Boneta from 2009 through 2011.

Her name might not ring any bells for you: Peggy Richardson.

It rings big chimes for me because I did battle with her two decades ago when she was IRS commissioner for Bill Clinton. She was in charge when I exposed Clinton’s political abuse of the IRS. She was forced to resign. Oh how the mighty have fallen. Now she’s on the Piedmont Environmental Council.

Now Boneta thinks her battles with Richardson and her audit notice from the IRS are just too coincidental. I’m here to tell you she’s right. I hate coincidences.

Peggy Richardson got away with murder in the 1990s, abusing U.S. citizens for political reasons with the heavy hand of the IRS. She was never punished. No one ever was! Even though the scandal was as pronounced and real as Barack Obama’s IRS scandal, no heads ever rolled.

As I have previously said, that fact opened the door for the abuse to be repeated in the 21st century. I predicted it would be. I predicted I would be one of the targets. And, sadly, I was right both times.

Now I am going to suggest to you that Peggy Richardson may be the smoking gun in Obama’s broadening IRS scandal – as well as a link to the forgotten Clinton IRS scandal.

I think Boneta’s guess is right on the money: Odds are good Peggy Richardson is still using her connections at the IRS to target her political foes with audits.

Let’s look at a few disturbing facts: Boneta got a notice from the IRS that her taxes for 2010 and 2011 would be audited. Boneta points out that time frame is “highly suggestive” because it coincides with the heavily publicized litigation concerning the operations on her property.

Again, I hate coincidences.

Boneta suggests the IRS audit is the latest event in a “coordinated effort” aimed at forcing her off her farm.

So what does Richardson have to say about it?

It’s interesting that she is not flat-out denying it.

She told the Virginia bureau of TheWatchdog.org: “I could understand, given the external climate, that people might think there is something amiss. I think that’s a stretch, but I understand why people might feel this way.”

Richardson conceded that it might be difficult for people in Fauquier County familiar with the Boneta case to believe the IRS audit is a mere coincidence. She added that this is likely to be the case.

“Coincidences do happen,” Richardson concluded.

Yeah, right. And once more for the record, I hate coincidences – especially when they involve Peggy Richardson and the IRS.

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