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Laws are for little people

Doubtless many of you remember the notorious “Queen of Mean,” hotelier Leona Helmsley, who was convicted of federal income tax evasion in 1989 after famously saying, “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.”

Over the years this quote has been distilled into “Taxes are for little people.” Well, as the scandals of the past few months illustrate, we may as well admit that laws, too, are only for the little people. Namely, us.

There are so many laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, edicts and directions currently in force in America that, quite literally, we have no choice but to break one or two every time we draw a breath. How many laws exist in America? Nobody knows. Some estimates run as high as a million. In 2010 alone, there were 40,627 new laws implemented. Part of the problem is the government keeps inventing new crimes, at least 452 since 2000. Things that were perfectly fine yesterday become, at the stroke of a pen, a criminal offense today.

Tell me, who can keep track of these things? It is impossible for us to comply with everything. And that’s what the government banks on – that we’re all criminals to one degree or another. Since we are ALL lawbreakers simply by our very existence, this comes in handy when the federal government wants to “nail” someone.

But while the people in the highest echelons of government – and to some extent, business – are in theory subject to the exact same laws under which the rest of us must suffer, somehow these people magically become immune to prosecution or conviction no matter how blatantly they break these laws. Even Leona Helmsley served only 19 months out of her 16-year sentence.

Talk about a privileged class.

Did you know that the word “privilege” comes from “private law”? “Etymologically a privilege (privilegium) means a ‘private law,’ or rule relating to a specific individual or institution,” notes this source.

In other words, private law means the privileged elite are a law unto themselves. Our standards (frequently the standards THEY set for US) are not their standards. The privileged are exempt from the laws the lower classes must follow. They can get away with stuff for which you or I would be crucified.

Does anyone truly believe that people in the top echelons of government will really go to jail for their felonious behavior? The worst thing that may happen is they’ll “resign” or will be “reassigned” to another powerful position. That’s privilege.

While the “little people” recognize how eagerly the government hopes we’ll break a law so our freedoms can be taken away, those in this nation’s upper echelons can commit the most foul and blatant violations of laws and, not only stay immune from prosecution, but are sometimes actually promoted. After all, laws are for little people.

Consider CPS workers in California: “It has become clear that CPS answers to no one, but this abuse of power cannot be tolerated.”

The WND story reports: “Orange County has never admitted to any wrongdoing although the court found the social worker involved had filed false reports and suppressed evidence that would have cleared [mother Deanna] Fogarty. That same employee was later promoted to supervisor in charge of training other social workers.” [Emphasis added.]

Consider how the IRS (still fresh from the scandal that it targeted conservative groups) put on lavish conferences but was unable to find the receipts to prove they were business expenses. “In his opening statement [of an internal audit] … [Inspector General] George acknowledged that the IRS could not account for all of the conference costs. The agency, therefore, was in violation of tax accounting rules that it enforces on citizens.”

Consider how the federal government is forcing everyone to swallow Obamacare, while making themselves exempt and providing waivers to privileged friends. Of course, this begs the question, if Obamacare is so great, why aren’t our leaders eager to embrace it for themselves?

Consider how the Obama administration is secretly carrying out warrantless domestic surveillance programs under which it is collecting records involving Americans who are under no suspicion, in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment.

These privileged abuses of power come from both sides of the political aisle, for the simple reason that there are essentially no constitutionalists in our government. The rare constitutional politician is overwhelmed and marginalized by the powerful and privileged “laws unto themselves” that saturate our corrupt government. Rather than obey the law, the government is effectively saying, as Rush Limbaugh so memorably put it, “Bleep you.”

“We have two men, Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, who have demonstrated absolutely no regard for the law nor the Constitution that enshrines that law,” noted Erik Rush. “The irony of the fact that they both allegedly hold law degrees is only significant in this having provided them with the ability to more adroitly circumvent the law. … As always, in such systems as the emerging paradigm – whether monarchy, oligarchy, or a communist state – the elite ruling class is always above the law. … Hence, Justice’s blindfold, because no one is above the law.” [Emphasis added.]

Yet no matter now much scandal erupts at the highest levels of government, no one is ever punished. After all, as Hillary noted, “what difference does it make” if our elected officials break every rule in the book? Laws are for little people.

What demonstrates that America is in decline is not the recent scandals. There have always been scandals. The true proof of our rapid descent is what is done about the scandals. When privileged people operating with criminal disregard for the laws of our land are merely asked to retire from office, that’s not punishment. Stepping down and then going into academia, lobbying, or some other position is NOT punishment. It means they’re privileged and immune from our laws. When a nation’s rulers are above the law, despotism always follows.

This isn’t how America is supposed to work. Our battle is not with individuals; it is with principles. Citizens aren’t supposed to be cowed and terrified of their own government, afraid to speak or write or post or email or say things lest the KGB or Gestapo swoop down on them. THAT’S NOT AMERICA.

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. …”

Just sayin’.