Gotta love Sen. Ted Cruz, R- Texas, who maintains a very visible Internet presence, often using his Twitter account to hold their feet to the fire. This time the object of his laser focus was President Obama.

Modifying a photo of the president titled “Home Sweet Home,” which was posted on Obama’s Organizing for Action Facebook page, the politically conservative Cruz added his own caption to the image of Obama strolling nonchalantly toward the White House, suit jacket thrown casually over one shoulder:

The Texas Senator also took to Twitter to point out the fallacies of the “Gang of Eight” amnesty bill:

Pelosi in hot water over “Snow”-bird

U.S. News reported last week that a businessman from Iceland has extended an offer to fly NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden “to the island nation aboard a chartered jet if Iceland’s government grants asylum to the man who exposed the National Security Agency’s massive harvesting of Internet and phone records.”

Snowden has been charged by the United States government with theft of government property, willful communication of classified communications intelligence to an unauthorized person and unauthorized communication of national defense information.

Two of those offenses fall under the U.S. Espionage Act with penalties of up to 10 years in prison.

Meanwhile, former House Speaker and dyed-in-the-wool progressive Democrat Nancy Pelosi, took some heat last weekend from fellow progressive leftists attending the annual Netroots Nation conference, a conclave of online progressive activists who “come together to make new connections, hone their organizing skills, share best practices and build stronger relationships with others working on the issues they care most about. And each year, some of the brightest minds in progressive politics come to Netroots Nation to speak with – and hear from – our community.”

During her speech, Pelosi ruffled feathers when she called confessed NSA leaker Edward Snowden a criminal rather than a civil rights hero, eliciting boos and hecklers.

Witness this tweet, representative of many: “As she should. RT @dreamhampton: Pelosi is being booed and hissed for saying Snowden broke the law #NN13

And this: “pelosi getting booed for snowden ‘he did violate the law’ remark. this crowd is more informed than she bargained for #nn13“.

Low-info voters in three words

Twitchy reported, “It’s a shame that low-information voters, for the moment at least, have such undue influence on the remainder of the country. Maybe a quick tutorial explaining these #LowInfoVotersIn3Words will help us understand all those trending topics we don’t cover on Twitchy.”

Among some three-word Twitter submissions using the hashtag #LowInfoVotersIn3Words to describe them:

“Hope and Change”
“I Want Stuff”
“Still Blaming Bush”
“You Are Racist”
“Tax the Rich”
“Gun Free Zone”

Google Glass doing surgery?

“OK, Glass: Hand me the scalpel, please” – Have you heard the one about the surgeon who performed an appendectomy while wearing Google Glass?

No? Then how about this one: “Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS, used Google Glass to record a procedure in which he inserted a feeding tube into a patient. This was streamed via Hangout.”

Dr. Grossman is in Google’s Glass Explorer program and blogged about the experience: “To my knowledge, this is the first time that Google Glass has ever been used during live surgery, by a surgeon, and Glass Explorer, with streaming of non-identifying patient information thru a Google Glass Hangout.

“By performing and documenting this event,” he continued, “I wanted to show that this device and its platform, are certainly intuitive tools that have a great potential in healthcare, and specifically for surgery, could allow better intra-operative consultations, surgical mentoring and potentiate remote medical education, in a very simple way.

“The patient involved needed a feeding tube (gastrostomy), and we chose to place it endoscopically, with a procedure called PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy),” he writes. “You can Google that to learn more :). Being the first time, I wanted to do this during a simple and commonly performed procedure, to make sure that my full attention was not diverted from taking excellent care of the patient.”

Read Dr. Grossman’s step by step description of the procedure at his blog.

Related: USA Today reports a survey from Rackspace that finds that 82 percent of wearable technology users think that devices like Google Glass have had a positive impact on their lives. Are you among them?

Post-NSA scandal: email traffic soars

Blogger Marathon Pundit caught this one: “If you listen to conservative talk radio, you often hear commercials for email. Guess who is benefiting from the NSA revelations? From the Daily Caller:

Weekly activity among email address owners has “more than doubled since the NSA news was released,” a spokesman for the service told The Daily Caller on Friday.

The $40 per year email service promises to “not copy, scan or sell one word of your email account” and to give President Ronald Reagan’s admirers a conspicuous way to express their fondness – through a email address.

And if the government comes knocking?

“The answer would be no,” Michael Reagan, the son of the late president and a part-owner of the email service, told TheDC Friday.

Disclosure: I purchased a email address several weeks ago.

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