Satanists: Help us clean highways

By WND Staff

A special fundraising campaign has been launched by The Satanic Temple in New York to garner the resources needed for the organization to participate in the state’s adopt-a-highway cleanup program.

According to an announcement obtained by WND, the temple is trying to raise $10,000 which will be required to participate in the highway cleanup program.

The organization, whose leaders say they hope to convey “support, camaraderie, and compassion,” for the community, are looking for supporters in the effort to keep “our public spaces clean, safe, and enjoyable for all.”

The group, named after the personality whose biblical uprising against God crashed down on the whole world, said on its online fundraising page at that, “Satan stands as the ultimate icon for the selfless revolt against tyranny, free & rational inquiry, and the responsible pursuit of happiness.”

Satan, whose forte in the Bible was inspiring rape, pillage and murder, said the values of “community, compassion, justice, and civil responsibility” are “worthwhile … regardless of whatever arbitrary political or religious label may be attached to them in their execution.”

“The Satanic Temple seeks to separate religion from superstition by acknowledging religious belief as a metaphorical framework with which we construct a narrative context for our goals and works,” the organization said.

Organizers say once the New York Department of Transportation approves the group’s plan, the state will erect a blue-and-white sign acknowledging The Satanic Temple as the adopters of the designated piece of highway, “helping promote a message of Satanic civic pride and social responsibility.”

The deadline for the fundraising, officials said, is Aug. 5.

“We truly look forward to this opportunity to serving our community and raise public awareness of socially responsible Satanism,” said Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves, “and this is only a small beginning. You can expect more public community involvement from us in the future.”

Officials at Spectacle Films have announced they are documenting the temple’s efforts to raise funds for the highway cleanup program.

“This campaign will do more than keep the highways clean,” the organization’s online posting said. “It will help to send a clear message to the world reaffirming American religious plurality. We will demonstrate that all religious perspectives are indeed free to engage their communities in a productive manner.”

The Brooklyn-based temple is offering perks for various donation levels, including a button, T-shirt and cartoon tracts for the $50 “Minion” level, or an added candle for the $100 “Luciferian activist” level of support.

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