Talk-radio star fired after ‘violent’ clash

By WND Staff

Peter Boyles of Denver’s KHOW Radio

A top-rated radio talk-show host known for his challenges of President Obama’s eligibility for office as well as his interest in Bible history has been fired after reportedly getting into a “violent” confrontation with his own longtime producer.

Peter Boyles, the morning drive-time anchor at KHOW-AM, the Clear Channel radio station in Denver, was let go by the station “following a heated exchange with his producer two weeks ago,” according to the Denver Post.

“Peter Boyles is no longer with the company,” program director Dan Mandis said in a statement emailed to the paper.

The Post reported “Boyles had been off the air for a week and a half following a violent incident involving his producer, reported by a local TV crew visiting the studios. He was suspended from his morning duties after the 9News crew reported ‘a heated exchange’ with the show’s producer, Greg Hollenback.”

Michael Roberts of the Denver Westword blog reported Boyles had former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo in his studio on what proved to be Boyles’ final day on the air May 23.

“About 8 a.m. on the 23rd,” Roberts wrote, “a TV crew was in the studio to witness former Congressman Tom Tancredo announce that he’s running for governor when Boyles and producer Greg Hollenbeck got into a high-volume disagreement.

“Afterward, Hollenbeck had red marks on his neck. Sources tell us they were caused by Boyles yanking the producer toward him by a lanyard. In response to this action, Hollenbeck is said to have thrown his hat at Boyles.

“The program continued after that, but the dust-up was subsequently reported to KHOW management, with overseers from Clear Channel, the station’s corporate owner, getting involved that same day.”

The Post noted Boyles’ popularity in recent years, with one ratings report saying he had 109,300 cumulative listeners every week.

Boyles became well-known for his support of WND’s “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboard campaign that ultimately led to Obama releasing what the White House claims is Obama’s original long-form birth certificate. The veracity of that document has since been called into question by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who continues to press for a congressional investigation of the alleged forgery.

In June 2006, Boyles spearheaded a successful effort for KHOW to post two billboards concerning the issue of illegal immigration, suggesting the city of Denver was welcoming illegal aliens.

One sign proclaimed: “Welcome to SANCTUARY CITY … Relax, you made it! Brought to you by Executive Order 116.”

The other displayed three military helmets atop rifles and read, “Mr. President, Mr. Governor, Mr. Mayor; they did not die for ILLEGAL SANCTUARY.”

Boyles has also aired extensive programs in recent years examining the content of the Holy Bible and the impact of pagan religions on today’s Christian culture.

“Where did we get Christmas? From the Bible? From paganism?” Boyles asked WND Executive News Editor Joe Kovacs, author of “The Divine Secret” and “Shocked by the Bible” on his show Dec. 20, 2012.

Boyles received a sarcastic email from one listener during that program which he read aloud on the air, saying, “I get it, Pete, you don’t believe much in Christianity. Thanks for trying to ruin Christmas for the rest of us.”

Boyles told his listeners, “If you’re gonna be offended, I don’t want to offend you with this. Turn your radio off. Go someplace and come back.”

In a commentary Wednesday by the former media critic for the Rocky Mountain News, Jason Salzman writes:

“Boyles talked a lot about history, and he even read books! But in the end, how could you like the guy? He stood for nothing beyond weird nihilism and his Arbitron rating. Why would such an intelligent person spend so much time fomenting anger and hatred toward undocumented immigrants, who are actually one group of people who might, through Boyles’ audience, feel the effects of his venom?

“His repeated attacks on Muslims were equally gross. And why did he spend so much time trashing journalism? … You got a sense of what Boyles could have been when he defended gays. But soon enough, he’d been talking birth certificates and social security numbers again.”

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