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Why Obama was at peace during re-election

Well, isn’t that just special? The intelligence community, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, YouTube, Skype, AOL, Apple, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint Nextel and the IRS all re-elected Barack Obama to the presidency.

Never mind that no one who voted for him knows who he is. Indonesian? Kenyan? Hawaiian? Who cares?! Presumably our dictators-in-waiting do. Obama’s three different Social Security numbers were “no problem” for the NSA’s vast army of high-tech voyeurs and their black budget. Created to spy on our enemies, these agencies and companies have now all put in their bid to rule over us.

“Warrant? The Constitution? Are you crazy? We don’t need no stinking warrant! We got a secret court that approves our wiretaps every 90 days!”

Over at the IRS, the concerns were somewhat different. “Hey, Charlie! This guy bought a conservative T-shirt! I’ve got his credit card record from VISA. What do you want me to do?”

“Audit him back seven years. He must have made a mistake somewhere in there. We’ll call it criminal and we can nail him on it.”

“Hey, Boss! Here is a new conservative group that wants to play in the 2012 election. What do I do?”

“Back-burner. Tell them to pray about it. By the way, have you got that new Soros-funded charity’s paperwork done yet?”

Welcome to the Chicago mob and the union thugs running America.

The information the tech titans didn’t give to the Obama campaign for free (you will remember us later, right?) the NSA filled in with near real-time monitoring, technology designed and built for foreign surveillance. Ever wonder how Obama seemed so at peace with an election he was forecast to lose? The pollsters didn’t know that Obama and his minions were monitoring his opponent’s thoughts and activities in near-real-time.

Yup. The IRS crushed the conservative and tea party resistance; the NSA provided intel on Romney’s plans and activities; and for good measure they mined Facebook for the uninformed non-voters who were too lazy to vote and rounded them up. RIOT software, a gift to Obama from Raytheon, enabled them to predict the voting patterns of Facebook and other social media lo-fos. Did I mention Raytheon’s ties to Homeland Security?

Have you ever wondered why – when Romney was drawing overflow crowds at his stops as the big day neared, and Obama couldn’t give seats at his events away – the election went in the opposite direction?

The IRS suppressed the opposition’s money, and the NSA provided opposition intel, both activities courtesy of the taxpayers. But don’t worry. The Chicago mob runs the country now. Your secrets are in good hands. The union goons will be by soon for a “contribution” to make sure they stay secret. Oh, and they will be taking your health history, too.

Oh, wait! Maybe it actually started in during McCain’s run: “Chinese hacked Obama, McCain campaigns, took internal documents, officials say.”

NSA isn’t content just to mine your thoughts in real time, either. They want to save it forever and are almost ready to start the servers in Utah. That way when the regime criminalizes new activities, they have a database that will reveal whom to round up, along with all your friends. Get your FEMA summer camp reservations in now.

Congress has only one tool: Shut off the money. Shut it all off now. Stop funding treason. Investigate, then purge. Then slowly return funding when you know what it is being used for.