I had the opportunity very recently to have an extended conversation with a young gentleman who officially became a U.S. citizen just over a month ago. He claimed that he had always felt he “belonged here,” took the first opportunity to come to the U.S. presented to him and “never looked back.” He worked all sorts of jobs, traveled all over the country and met people from every socioeconomic sector and demographic.

Coming from a country where the citizens have substantially less opportunity than in America and a more or less homogenous population, there were many things he still found strange about the U.S., even after having been here for more than 10 years. We talked about a multitude of subjects, from nationalized health care to race relations. He said that he often pondered certain inconsistencies, like why so many Americans harbor antipathy for their own country, why so many don’t vote and why young black celebrities are so angry being but a few. Like many naturalized immigrants I have encountered, his was more intense curiosity than judgment.

Describing his swearing-in ceremony, he could not have been prouder. The account of his thoughts and feelings as he and his fellow new citizens pledged allegiance to the flag and sang the National Anthem was nothing less than spiritual. “Something changed in my heart,” he said more than once. He related suddenly feeling part of something great and finally connected to all of the people who had gone before him to contribute to the success of this nation – and how America’s history of immigration played a big part in that.

We did talk about immigration in the U.S., and what stood out to me most was his belief that his citizenship meant so much more to him because he had to work for it. He had come here legally, never needing nor taking a public handout – which is one of the chief differences between immigrants willing to come here legally and give, versus those who come here illegally and take. While the majority of illegal immigrants in the U.S. are coming from south of the border, where they come from doesn’t matter with regard to this disparity of mindsets. There are those who come to America with fire in their belly to succeed and the tradition of contributing to a greater whole in mind, and the parasites who come intending to live off of the system – off of the American people – which they are heartily encouraged to do by our elected officials.

And that doesn’t just mean Democrats …

I’m not going to go into a protracted denunciation of S. 744 (the “Gang of Eight” immigration reform bill) and how it is another Cyclopean, stealth social engineering, economy-sabotaging, progressivism-proliferating piece of legislation; these have already been framed very well by others. What we are seeing with this bill is what we are seeing across several fronts in this war for the heart of America: the treachery of ruling class elites who masquerade as public servants. Here, I am referring to prominent Republicans rather than Democrats, since we already know that the latter are essentially socialists.

In defending the immigration bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., cited an imperative for addressing the dubious influence of Latino voters as a means to save his party. This lends such transparency to his complicity that the issue for his constituents should become how to get him out of office with all due speed. Other Republicans, like Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., formerly considered a conservative paladin, will undoubtedly claim the betrayal of his peers if S. 744 becomes law and we are saddled with its devastating consequences.

All, however, will claim that these consequences were never their intention.

Well, we’ve seen all this before, from the amnesty granted during the Reagan administration through the broken promises of the last Congress and the unfinished border fence. Unfortunately, the fact that we have seen it before and are saying so doesn’t seem to hold much sway with these individuals.

The GOP lawmakers of whom I speak will also claim ignorance that this immigration bill was just another nail for the coffin in which Barack Obama is sealing this country – and this is what is truly unforgivable. Their cravenness comes from the same place as their refusal to address the long-standing question of President Obama’s eligibility, his Marxism, the Fast and Furious gunrunning scandal, the unconstitutionality of Obamacare, Obama’s sabotage of the military, national security, Benghazi and why they side with the administration vis-à-vis the National Security Agency domestic spying scandal. It is why so few are speaking out right now as our imperial leader readies a barrage of unconstitutional and unpopular environmental regulations expressly calculated to further sabotage the economy, line the pockets of cronies, drain our lean public coffers and distract attention from the administration’s nefarious activities to date.

American patriots and those joining our ranks must remind ourselves daily that we are fighting three enemies: the Obama administration, congressional Democrats and Republican ruling class elites. While these are effectively on the same side, our methods for defeating them will vary.

If you’re playing a game that’s rigged, or against an opponent who is cheating, you cannot win by continuing to play the game; you must call out your opponent for rigging it or for cheating. It was the job of congressional Republicans to call the Obama administration out, but they’re not going to do so for a variety of self-serving reasons.

That leaves us to call the administration out – but we must also call progressives in the Republican Party out for being part of the rigging. These things we cannot do if we are in denial and continue to expect compromised Republican leaders to do the right thing, or if we remain ignorant that the game is indeed rigged.

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