Irish lawmaker Clare Daly

The left-leaning Irish lawmaker who verbally crushed Barack Obama in a recent speech to her colleagues in Parliament has suddenly become a hero to many Americans, with some expressing their outright love for her, even urging her to move to the U.S. to run for office.

Clare Daly, a member of the United Left Alliance representing Dublin North, is now being flooded emails of support from America after labeling Obama a “war criminal” and “hypocrite of the century,” as well as lamenting the “unprecedented slobbering over the Obama family.”

At least one YouTube video of her scorching speech June 19 has become a global sensation, now surpassing 1.2 million views.

(Click on the video below to watch Clare Daly blast Obama:)

“I’m in love with this woman!” declares one WND reader. “It is SO inspiring to hear somebody speak the TRUTH boldly. She shames our (yeah, ‘slobbering’) so-called news media.”

Another, Leslie Green, declares: “I wish she were an American citizen so that she could run for office here, we desperately need more leaders with the honesty, frankness and integrity that she has shown. Bravo little Irish lassie! Thank you for speaking up to Obama as few (if any) other politicians have.”

Other readers are pouring on the praise with similar sentiments:

  • “Daly for president, here in the USA! God bless her.”
  • “She is spot on. May God protect her because barry the fairy will certainly have a drone on her.”
  • “That took real guts. Knowing that she’ll likely now have all her verbal and written communications watched and recorded for political or other purposes, for years to come. I’m sure Obama has already provided the request to the NSA to get on this women. Good on you, Clare Daly.”
  • “A star is born, the Irish Sarah Palin. I love this woman! Obama it is your year of failure, it’s coming full circle, your arrogance, your deceit and your lies are going to be exposed, the whole world is coming against you. There is a lot of blood on your hands, it’s stain can’t be washed off. You are going to pay the piper.”
  • “Whoa! You go girl! Speak the truth, ’cause that stupid man sure isn’t capable of it!”
  • “Oh, Dear Lord, it is good to know some people see thru this evil, incompetent man who wants to be king! He should be impeached and in prison! And made to pay back all the millions he has spent on vacations that were paid for by the taxpayers of America. Thank you!”
  • “It certainly is refreshing to see a foreign politician bad-mouthing Obama. They all used to be so in love with him.”
  • “Bravo, Clare. However I have to point out our Congress has done NOTHING to stop this travesty so that tells me what I need to know about them. All this theater we see is a sham. They are allowing this to happen which could only mean they want it as well. Our government has turned on us. That would explain Obama’s actions in keeping us divided. They don’t want the people in this country to realize what is happening and unite against them.”
  • “What a brave and feisty woman. I believe I am in love.”

For her part, Daly says she’s more than impressed by the “phenomenal response from people all over America.”

“I was absolutely shocked by the scale of the response and very impressed at the level of realization of most American citizens that President Obama has let them down on a lot of the promises and expectations that they had,” Daly told WND.

“Some of the people who contacted me would have a very different political viewpoint to myself but nonetheless were glad to have a balanced account of the president’s tenure made public. For me it confirms the point I was making that even a small neutral country like Ireland can have a ripple effect and create an impression on the world stage.”

She says she’s flattered that people would like her to move to America and run for office.

“Unfortunately, I have family and connections here in Ireland and would not be in a position to do that,” she said. “My reaction is that people should be trying to organize themselves and take on the establishment.”

Clare Daly

Regarding the large number of Americans expressing “love” for Daly, the Irish redhead told WND, “People who say that obviously do not know me. It is very flattering of course but what they love is what I’ve said, not me. I’m grateful for the fact that they do like those remarks.”

When asked how she rates Obama compared to other presidents in recent times, such as Ronald Reagan, either of the Bushes, or Bill Clinton, she launched into deep criticism of the current president.

Barack Obama is more of a disappointment than Reagan, Bush and Clinton because people’s expectations were raised as to what he could potentially achieve to advance the position of black Americans, ordinary working Americans, women, minorities and so on. People genuinely believed that there would be major progress in relation to ending the U.S. role in wars. People believed Guantanamo would be closed down but the reality is that the Americans are poorer now than they were before he came to power and in relation to foreign policy substantially more people have lost their lives globally as a result of unlawful drone attacks carried out at his orders. We have an unprecedented level of refugees in the countries where U.S. imperialism has been involved.

Regarding the best and worst thing about Obama, Daly explained: “The best and worst thing about Obama in my opinion is that he is a black man which is a very positive development in the United States, but obviously because of his abject failure to change anything and deliver any reform for black people, he has raised people’s expectations only to have them dashed. He has demonstrated that it is not simply enough to put a black face at the helm in order to deal with issues of racism and inequality. There needs to be a fundamental change in the system for that to happen.”

While many U.S. citizens today believe their elected representatives are governing against the will of the people once they’re in office, Daly noted, “This attitude is shared by ordinary citizens in countries all over the world. The only way in which we can call politicians to account is by ordinary people becoming active and organized, taking to the streets, challenging the powers that be at every level and organizing themselves into a serious alternative.”

A 2007 campaign ad for Clare Daly of the Socialist Party in Ireland.

Daly, 45, is married, and has supported leftist causes such as abortion rights during her career. She also doesn’t believe in God.

“I am an atheist,” she told WND. “My attitude to right and wrong is guided by life’s experience and by a belief that it is important to respect other people’s viewpoints, I try to understand where they are coming from and to measure my actions in terms of the positive or negative contribution they can have in terms of the overall situation facing people or indeed in relation to my dealings with individuals.”

As WND reported, Daly became world famous in her speech flaying Obama following the conclusion of the G8 summit last month in Northern Ireland.

“Is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award?” Daly asked of Obama. “Because we have to call things by their right names, and the reality is that by any serious examination, this man is a war criminal.”

She continued: “He has just announced his decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition, including jihadists, which will fuel the destabilization of the region, continue to undermine secularism and set back conditions for women. President Obama is, in essence, stalling the Geneva peace talks by trying to broker enhanced leverage for the Syrian opposition by supplying it with arms and to hell with the thousands more Syrians who will lose their lives and the tens of thousands who will be displaced as the war continues.

“This is the man who has facilitated a 200 percent increase in the use of drones, which have killed thousands of people including hundreds of children.”

Daly held nothing back about media coverage, unloading “on the unprecedented slobbering over the Obama family to which the nation has been exposed in recent days.”

“It is difficult to decide which is worse, the outpourings of President Obama and his wife or the sycophantic fawning over them by the political establishment and sections of the media,” she explained.

“While we had separate and special news bulletins by the state broadcaster to tell us what Michelle Obama and her daughters had for lunch in Dublin, there was very little questioning of the fact that they were having lunch with ‘Mr. Tax Exile’ himself [a reference to U2 lead singer Bono]. The statement that Mrs. Obama was glad to be home was barely challenged even though ‘home’ is a country she has been in for less than one week and to which her husband has only tenuous links.”

Daly made it clear she was not being critical of the American people, but specifically just Obama.

“People in this country are very fond of our American brothers and sisters,” Daly said. “We stand far more shoulder to shoulder with them by making valid criticisms of their president who has broken his election promises rather than just pimping this nation as a tax haven for their corporations. I am sure the Americans would far prefer their multinationals to pay their taxes at home rather than offshore here so that they could develop their health care and would not be wasting money on arms being sent to slaughter people in other countries.”

Daly also flayed Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny, saying, “The taoiseach (prime minister) has turned a blind eye to [Obama’s] activities. He spoke of the G8 summit being an opportunity to showcase Ireland. Is it not the case that he has showcased us a nation of pimps prostituting ourselves in return for a pat on the head? We were speculating this morning about whether the taoiseach would deck out the Cabinet in leprechaun hats decorated with stars and stripes to mark our abject humiliation.”

“I think your comments are disgraceful,” Kenny responded. “I think they do down the pride of Irish people all over the world who are more than happy to see this island being host to the G8.”

“It’s beneath you to say that the American president should not be a party to keeping that process alive and visible,” he added.

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