I’m surprised you would give a forum to Robert Ringer. He is so unlike other WND writers – it’s the kind of stuff one might hear on CNN. This is what I wrote in response to his column “Forget about a violent revolution”:

I couldn’t disagree with you more strenuously! 

Maybe you won’t revolt against tyranny, but I predict that the patriots of this land, the ones who are quietly buying guns and ammunition and other necessities to preserve life, those who lead primarily moral, law-abiding, God-fearing lives, will; just like the small, motivated minority during the American Revolution.

You talk as though it can only take a majority to rebel against a tyrannical government. During the War for Independence, only 3 to 10 percent of the populace was interested in breaking away from Britain and motivated with their very lives to do so. If you apply those percentages to the populace in America today, there are more than enough people to throw off Obama’s evil regime and his other sycophants in government.

You also talk like one can’t possibly fight a government that has vast stores of modern military equipment. Apparently, you have never read about Israel’s wars with her Arab neighbors. Governments are made up of people, not statistics, and not all people in the military and law enforcement will go along with 
unconstitutional mandates – many have already said they won’t and aren’t. Many countries like Romania have gotten rid of dictators and so can we; the 
size of the nation isn’t relevant at all.

There are many other statements you have made that I vigorously object to as well, but what most offends me is your defeatist, bend-over-and-take it attitude. Have 
you no courage? No self-respect? Something tells me that cowards of your ilk
 will never rebel against evil authority even if your wife and daughter were
 being defiled in front of you. I wonder – would you act then? Or would you
 still be more interested in preserving your short little life on earth? Or will 
people like you never even attempt to resist and throw off the deprivations of

Unlike you, I predict that something WILL happen in America, possibly very soon, a spark, if you will, that will set off an unstoppable major revolt. And even if it is not
 successful, it is better to be dead than to live under Godless tyranny – AND I 

If Almighty God is behind another American revolution, and I hope He is, right and
 justice will prevail – just like it did the first time and just like Israel still prevails against overwhelming numbers of her pagan enemies that all but surround her.

Maybe YOU’LL never resist tyranny, Mr. Ringer, but just stay the hell out of the way of us who will.

Lorne Dey

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