Talk star returns focusing on Obama’s real dad

By WND Staff

Popular radio talk-show host Peter Boyles returned to the airwaves on Denver’s KNUS Monday and immediately took up where he left off, with a discussion about Barack Obama’s disputed origins with “Dreams from My Real Father” director Joel Gilbert.

The controversial talk-show host lost his program on Clear Channel’s KHOW after a violent confrontation with his own producer for which he accepted responsibility, writing in a local column, “It was my fault.”

Boyles was “invigorated and excited about his new gig at KNUS,” Gilbert told WND. “He was just as sharp, intelligent and insightful as he has always been, and his audience took note as he received a few hundred emails during my appearance.”

Boyles and Gilbert discussed a number of subjects, including Gilbert’s documentary “Dreams from My Real Father,” which alleges that President Obama’s real father is none other than Communist Party USA activist Frank Marshall Davis.

In his documentary Gilbert explains that Obama sold himself to America as the multicultural ideal, a man who stood above politics. But the question remains whether the  “goat-herding Kenyan father” was just a fairy tale to hide “a Marxist agenda,” which would be irreconcilable with American values and American voters.

Audio of the Boyles interview has been posted online at Gilbert’s site and at the KNUS website in two parts: Part One and Part Two.

Gilbert told WND that a number of other subjects also were aired, including his theory of how the Libyan government may have been behind the Benghazi attack and why Obama tried to cover it up.

He also touched on his new investigation into Obama’s background. Gilbert told WND that he has solved the issue of Obama’s “missing year” at Columbia, and he’ll be releasing details soon.

Also a guest on the inaugural program was WND executive news editor Joe Kovacs, best-selling author of “The Divine Secret: The Awesome and Untold Truth About Your Phenomenal Destiny” as well as “Shocked by the Bible: The Most Astonishing Facts You’ve Never Been Told.

Boyles was welcomed to the station, which broadcasts at 710 AM.

“He’s a legend,” said KNUS VP and general manager Brian Taylor. “He really cares about wanting to speak for his audience.”

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