It’s one of the most popular and sensational DVD documentaries WND has ever offered, sounding the alarm over the present dangers to American liberty in a compelling and stirring way, and today only, readers can get “Behold a Pale Horse: America’s Last Chance,” hosted by legendary country music star Charlie Daniels, for only $4.95 – a stupendous $15 discount off the regular price.

In fact, “Behold a Pale Horse” is so unique that the best way to introduce it is with the words of Daniels himself:

”Have you ever wondered why, no matter which political party is in power nothing much meaningful ever seems to get done?

“Have you ever pondered the fact that in spite of the plentiful energy reserves in our nation, we continue to spend trillions of dollars buying oil from people who would like nothing better than to see America turned into a grease spot and blame our reticence to drill on a handful of environmental groups?

“Did you ever question why a gaggle of supposed public servants would vote for a multi-trillion-dollar piece of legislation they didn’t even take the time to read?

“Why do some of the mineral-richest countries on Earth have the most destitute populations?

“Why are there politicians who are Teflon as far as the media are concerned and others who resemble Velcro when it comes to their coverage?

“Why, after 200 years of being a free and fiercely independent nation, would the U.S. even consider giving over our precious sovereignty to a corrupt anti-American, double-dealing bunch of losers like the United Nations?

“Why is our Southern border as porous as a colander, and why does it make sense to be able to vote without proper identification when you can’t even check into a hotel room without it?

“Why would our money supply be determined by one man who can tighten up our currency or flood the world with cheap dollars that could trigger hyperinflation?”

“Behold a Pale Horse,” says Daniels, explores these and other perplexing questions – with answers that “may surprise you, tarnish some of your heroes, slaughter some of our sacred cows and pour some new wine into some very old wine skins.”

Music legend Charlie Daniels

There are forces at work on planet earth, adds the award-winning music star and American patriot …

“that are completely off the radar of mainstream America. They meet in secret, plan in secret and work both sides of the street politically, recruiting their disciples early on, from the best and the brightest, the mega wealthy and super powerful. A well-hidden organization which lurks in the shadows pulling the strings of those they can corrupt, with promises of wealth and high political office. A ruthless cadre of movers and shakers who will not settle for anything less than absolute global domination.”

“You who read the Holy Bible know what is happening here,” concludes Daniels. “It is foretold in the Scriptures, a plot that is instigated in the very halls of hell.

“Prepare to be shocked.”

View the trailer for “Behold a Pale Horse” below …

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