Re: “Campaign puts ‘gay rights’ behind Constitution’

The only reason these Christians are being bullied is because of themselves. The lukewarm church of Laodicea is alive and well in this country, especially in the ones who are elected to Congress.

Christians in America are cowards. Jesus doesn’t want cowards representing him, and that is what he has gotten in America, is wimpy cowards. Hell, if Christians fought for Jesus the same way Muslim’s fight for Allah, we would be the greatest country ever. If anybody thinks that this country is great and still is blessed by the Lord, they have their heads stuck up their stinky a–es!

You should tell them because the preachers throughout this country are the biggest wimps of all, especially the ones who confess and always give the glory to Christ while they vote for killing babies, the homosexual agenda, enslaving welfare policies, etc.

The elite in America have been educated to ignorance, and our cowardly preachers are silent because they are afraid to lose their tax-exempt status. Well guess what: Before Obama leaves office, that tax-exempt status will be taken away from them also, and they will find themselves naked in the sky.

Johnnie Blando

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