Don’t like Christian art? Close your eyes while driving through Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s Capitol is a vast limestone, granite and marble rebuttal to the asininity of the America “Civil Liberties” Union and assorted clones who live there. The left may not know a lot about history, but miles of Bible quotations and biblical characters lead progressives to the conclusion that the creators, sponsors, supporters, builders and residents of early D.C. were absolutely not religious. Especially not Christian. This must not be denied or you’ll lose your 501(c)3 .

Suppression may lead to courts where legally blind lawyers argue against Christian involvement in public arts and discourse. Moses looks on forlornly from the vantage of grand engravings on all sides while the U.S. Supreme Court in is session, and the irony is lost on the majority.

Although the great lawgiver of the Jewish people and the fruit of Mt. Sinai are major themes in the edifice, Moses is persona non grata on the current official “Visitor’s Guide to the Supreme Court.” Citing the Greek-inspired personifications of law and other art, Moses doesn’t even get a footnote in spite of his placement as central “lawgiver” among others who grace the exterior and interior of their building. Could this be an accident? Sure, like Dillinger was accidentally shot.

This is death by neglect or hostile erosion over time. At least that’s the hoped-for scenario by lawmakers and jurists who led us to this point. Moses may be the capstone on the Supreme walls, but 18 marble lawmakers including Napoleon, Hammurabi and even Muhammad have sedately coexisted together there for 75 years.

Far from being flattered over the honor, Muslims in 1997 decided they were offended (surprise), demanding that the figure of Muhammad be gouged out or sandblasted because human images in Islam are forbidden. The group also feared believers may be led to pray to someone other than God by viewing the lineup of lawgivers, but I don’t personally know anyone who prays to Draco or Lycurgus. The justices refused the Muslims’ request, by the way.

Similarly ignored in the lawsuits and arguments of the selectively anti-art left are hordes of other references to the Bible and its God in the District of Columbia. Grandly draped Moses with the Ten Commandments holds court over the rotunda of the Library of Congress; visitors at the National Archives stroll across the Ten Commandments on the floor; and George Washington in stained glass kneels and prays to his Christian God in the U.S. Capitol.

Lincoln’s Memorial may be aesthetically Greek, but his own words resound with the Bible – and they’re inscribed everywhere. His Second Inaugural Address still pleads Scripture over the broken nation and quotes Jesus, Genesis and David, citing divine judgment and God’s will. Jules Guerin’s monster Lincoln mural embodies faith, hope and charity, specifically mentioned in 1 Corinthians. With the words carved in stone, it’s got to be tough for future revisionists to deny the obvious – although they keep trying.

While leftists aren’t detonating Buddhas and generally enjoy art, they’re not above draconian control over religious expression. In fact they specialize in it, particularly if no one stops them. The core heart of the left has more in common with our ideological and military enemies than they want to admit. Absolute, iron-handed control over cultural content is a manifestation of well-established Marxist government and policy. So far we’ve almost reached that point, in policy at least.

This is in perfect alignment with Taliban-style art terrorists who can’t bear opposing religious views. Prior to immolating temples and evidence of other cultures, the Taliban carefully squirreled away artifacts and art objects to Europe for safekeeping. Islamic gangs have no problem with art, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their theology and there’s the rub.

Current culture wars rage on where Christian artists are diminished or flat out rejected for content of their work. Even the personal intentions of the artist can be queried as retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens made clear while describing his own workplace decor. The depictions of Moses alone (in the chambers) could never have been tolerated because it implied preference of Judaism. Even throwing in Confucius and Muhammad dangerously “honored religion.” Stevens in his great wisdom decided the “First Amendment does not tolerate” those sorts of shenanigans, although somehow it did 200 years B.S. (before Sevens).

Along with Justice Ginsburg, Stevens argued that displaying the Ten Commandments at the Texas Capitol implied this message: “This State endorses the divine code of the ‘Judeo-Christian’ God.”

Citing the Establishment Clause (liberalese for First Amendment revision), he wrote the Constitution “demands religious neutrality – government may not exercise preference for one religious faith over another.”

If the above is true, why has the U.S. Supreme Court remained in its august “divine code endorsing” state? As long as court justices feel they can have their decisions and flout them too, I suggest some lawsuits thrown their way. Infuriated Scientologists should demand inclusion of their alien ruler of the Galactic Confederacy Xenu, next to Moses and holding the rules of Dianetics, because someone believes this in Hollywood. The Nation of Yahweh insists that Moses be re-sculpted from black marble (with Afro) because this group are the “true Jews.” A giant Cargo Cult container and/or space ship must be erected next to the Lincoln Memorial to satisfy diversity and inclusivity requirements.

Of course none of his will happen, because even progressives realize how ludicrous and hollow their philosophy is when actually followed to the letter.

Want to destroy all vestiges of a civilization and their religion without all that messy genocide and detonations and such? Taliban, you are doing things the hard way and getting such horrific publicity. Take a clue from your enemies and hire the ACLU to sue and bully people until you get your way. Not only will the Buddhists or (place current target here) not know what hit them, you’ll probably get a Nobel Peace prize. And it was all legal.

Thanks to Joan Biskupic, Washington Post.

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